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Maximizing the ROI of Market Research

Browsing through the B2B International Marketing Blog I came across their new white paper Maximizing the ROI of Market Research. The white paper goes over how to maximize ROI of market research, by demonstrating:

the role of market research in business decision-making
how to measure the ROI of market research
which types of research will generate the greatest ROI

This is an informative piece; take a couple of minutes to read here.

Marketers see value in market research in 2009

In a new post at the B2B blog, they share research that shows marketing executives know that market research is vital for the coming year. One in every 10 US marketing executives foresees a greater use for market research and three of ten executives are expecting growth in market research activity. Read the post here.

Being green important to customers

At the B2B Blog, they reveal the latest studies about how consumers are looking at the new green revolution. Of the customers surveyed, three in four have defined themselves as green, and 57% of those have made a green purchase within the past six months. The younger generation, those age 18 – 34, 24% believe that it’s trendy to be green. What is your company doing to capture this new trend?

Quality More Important than Price

In a recent research report released by B2B International, they find that quality, not price is the most important thing for the items they buy. The five hygiene factors that influenced purchases were: service, price, quality, reliable delivery and speedy delivery. This survey was among industrial companies and there preferences when choosing a new supplier. However, most companies in the industry rely on quality to reflect the quality of their products. It’s also shown that customer loyalty develops in this industry, due to the quality of the products purchased. This research showed that quality always ranks first, in every industry. Check out the full report here.