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A Look at The 1st 100 Days of the NEW ABC News App

ABC News celebrated the 1st 100 Days of the NEW ABC News App by sharing some of their highlights. “ABC News Digital has driven incredible growth across ABC News mobile and applications year over year. In October 2013, ABC News Digital launched the completely new ABC News Phone app for iPhoneand Android devices which greatly contributed to the steady rise in mobile traffic across applications. For example, in November 2013, year-over-year monthly mobile unique users increased by 165%, according to data provided by comScore. Additionally, total mobile video views were also up 87% year-over-year (Source: Adobe SiteCatalyst 2013)

Since their launch, they’ve been collecting some cool stats and facts from behind-the-scenes at ABC News. Download the NEW ABC News app for free today. Check out the original announcement the new app here.” via Visual.ly

“Multi-Screen Living” – It’s not going to be easy

Our creative director here at IIR, recently created this opus to Multi-Screen Living and pointed our attention to Nielsen Research: Mobile consumer report 2013. Here we share both and would love to hear how the impact of a FOUR screens (television, smart phone, computer and tablet) world is changing the way you work.

New Stats for Mobile Marketers

A report released by Jumptap reveals a state-by-state breakdown of mobile phone platform usage. As reported by Mashable, “Android patriots are amassed in South and Southwest states, while iOS loyalists are pooled together in Northeast and Midwest states. In particular, California, Texas and Florida over-index for Android use and states in New England and the Midwest over-index for iOS use.”

With more companies turning to mobile, and particularly app development, for marketing purposes this information is extremely relevant. When investing in app development, finding the platform that your audience is using is key. Check out the larger map here.

Is your company using mobile technology for marketing or other purposes currently? Are you planning to? Participate in our poll!