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Continuing the Conversation: The Power of Predictive Analytics

Connecting the best in insights from around the world at The Market Research Event (TMRE) showed that:

- People are a catalyst for inspiration. More than 1,300 leading executives and research professionals from across the globe gathered to experience the latest technologies and the most breakthrough applications of insights.

- Experience is a catalyst for disruption. Only when you purposefully change your surroundings, can you truly open your mind to new ideas.

- Stories are a catalyst for action. Over 150 cross-industry, research and insights experts shared best practices on insight-driven innovation.

To continue the stories and conversations generated from TMRE’s Big Data & Predictive Analytics sessions, check out “I Know What You’ll Do Next Summer: Why Marketers Must Embrace Predictive Analytics” by Andrew Frank.

How are you “applying the power of predictive analytics to real-time digital marketing?”

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