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Latest Research in College Media Use

In the recent study 2008 College Explorer Survey, by Alloy Media, they found that the attention of college students is turning both online and mobile. They found that 2/3 or college students watched or streamed television shows from sources including Veoh, Hulu, Joost and iTunes. Further promoting this fact is the degrees in ownership of televisions from 82% in 2007 to 79% in 2008. The percentage of those who owned laptops also increased from 63% of students in 2007 to 70% in 2008. MP3 ownership also increased among college students from 56% in 2007 67% in 2008.

Studies find College Newspapers are Great for Advertising

In a recent article at BrandWeek, Steve Miller reports that 82% of college students read their college news paper. This is from a report recenetly done by Alloy Media + Marketing. In addition, 13% of college students said they avoided advertising when they read the news paper.
Very effective in the college news papers was the use of coupons. Of those who read their college newspapers, they reported a 78% of the coupons within college newspapers. For anyone with a 18 to 34 target range of customers, this is a great resource for advertising. As 55% of students claimed to have read their college newspaper within the last week of the survey, this untapped resource often goes unnoticed due to the national average.