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Just Announced: VP of In-Flight Customer Experience at JetBlue Speaking at NACCM 2010

Vicky Stennes
Vice President, In-Flight Customer Experience,
JetBlue Airways

How did the friendly skies get so unfriendly?

We all heard about the recent stories involving the JetBlue flight attendant and the outpouring of empathy toward his actions. As usual, JetBlue was very quick to address the situation- which is what customers have come to expect from the company, which was ranked ‘Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Low-Cost Carriers in North America’ by J.D. Power and Associates just two months ago.

In light of this incident, we are pleased to announce the newest speaker addition to the NACCM 2010 agenda, Vicky Stennes, Vice President, In-Flight Customer Experience, JetBlue Airways.

JetBlue obviously invests in their customers- Now is the time to invest in yours. It all starts at NACCM.

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We hope to see you in Orlando this October.

NACCM 2010 – October 25-27, 2020 – Orlando, FL

Delta Airlines plans $1 billion revamp of customer service, entertainment options over next 3 years

The New York Daily News reports that Delta airlines is planning a $1 billion revamp of customer service, entertainment options over next 3 years. The airline is making the changes to lure corporate travelers who pay the highest fares. It is adding leather seats and upgraded lighting to all 269 aircraft it acquired through the 2008 purchase of Northwest. All wide-body planes will have in-seat video and audio on demand when the upgrades are complete, Delta said.

It’s the “most significant” customer-service investment Delta has made in more than a decade, CEO Richard Anderson said.

Learn more: Delta Airlines plans $1 billion revamp of customer service, entertainment options over next 3 years

Is this enough for Delta to keep and serve their customers?

Southwest Stabilizes Leadership in Air Carriers by Implementing New Customer Services

The Chicago Tribune reports that Southwest Airlines, the leading legacy American air carrier has recently EarlyBird Check-In service. For $10, a customer can be among the first boarding group with Rapid Rewards and Business Select members.

On the first day, 20,000 customers bought the service, providing $200,000 to the company’s bottom line,” Southwest Chief Executive Gary Kelly said.

“While [Southwest] has made it clear that they don’t want to ‘nickel and dime’ their customers, they are beginning to tiptoe into ancillary revenue waters that other airlines have jumped into headfirst,” wrote Michael Derchin, a research analyst at FTN Equity Capital Markets Corp.

Analysts expect Southwest to begin offering in-flight Wi-Fi service for a fee next year and possibly add a fee for a second checked bag. Some analysts anticipate that Southwest also will look at selling food on its flights, as most domestic carriers do.

What other customer-centric policies can Southwest Airlines implement to keep their bottom line holding strong?

Southwest Airlines weathers downturn with focus on customer service, spirited attitude

Frontier Airlines Nixes Social Media for Customer Service

Frontier Airlines won’t be the ones “tweeting” you back @frontierair if you tweet a compliant when stuck in an airport. That Twitter user name is run by former Frontier Airlines enthusiast, Andrew Hyde, who when stuck in an airport for 6 hours on standby decided to take matters into his own hands by creating a clearinghouse of grievances against the air carrier.

Frontier, however, isn’t taking the bait for social media and will not use the vehicles to connect with its customers.

In a statement, Frontier Air said, “We know many companies, including major airlines, have moved on to direct engagement with their customers via blogs, Twitter and other social media. Those companies have also raised the expectations of Twitter users to a level that can sometimes become unmanageable, even with the best of resources. We don’t want to disappoint our customers by introducing a communications tool we can’t properly support. We also have a lot committed to our more traditional customer service tools. Any introduction of new programs now would end up taking resources away from existing channels.”

Will Frontier’s decision to stay out of the social media sphere completely, deflate customer service worries for the air carrier?

This article referenced “Frontier Airline’s customer service fail” by Meghan Keane