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Latest Advertisements Capitalizing on Anger

An article found in NY Times, delves into the emotion that is present in many ads today. Anger. In one commercial from Southwest Airlines, in reference to the cost of other airlines, the company is quoted as saying ‘What have they been smoking? Apparently, your rolled-up $20s.’ Southwest isn’t the only company utilizing this strategy. Harley Davidson is using the tag line ‘freedom and wind outlast hard times’, and Jackson Hewitt displays images of taxpayers who didn’t use their services ‘angrily smashing or throwing things’. As the NY Times said ‘The tone and attitude of the ads are part rant, part battle cry, part manifesto and part populist appeal.’ In 2006 a Newsweek Article titled ‘Unhappy Americans’ they alleged that in a poll they conducted, 67% of Americans are unhappy. Are the advertisements based on marketing research accurately reflecting the mood of society today, or has this attitude changed?

Marketing to Girls: Most companies are missing the point, and the audience

A study performed by 3iying, Inc, a company who focuses on marketing to the millennial generation of girls, has released a report this year that shows that the majority of marketing companies have missed the boat when it comes to getting the newest generation of spenders to buy their product. Right now, the current generation of young girls is misunderstood. Most marketing campaigns that are targeted towards them do not appeal to their sense. If marketing companies don’t begin to get this new generation, than their losses could extend very far into the future. This study was done by interviewing girls in this age range ad the 3iYing office. Most girls opinions of the current marketing campaigns are: –Brands have lost their meaning –Products are boring –Advertising and marketing get tuned out –Retail is frustrating Marketing is failing to evolve with the modern girl. Contrary to previous generations, they have more advanced needs, desires and confidence levels. They also know they have many options so they are very picky. So why are they so different? –They shop differently –They socialize differently –They establish loyalty differently –They entertain themselves differently –They operate at a faster speed And what does this leave you to do as a marketer? How do you know what you are suppose to fix? Maybe you should start with what you are doing wrong: –Lack of relevant information presented –Wrong expertise –Multiple disconnections –Too slow for the modern pace of the girl –Too manufactured –Unable to captivate the audience –Poorly distributed information –Outdated aesthetics So 3iYing used the information they found in their study. How has this affected their business? Click here to finish the article and find out.