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Live from #TMRE14: The Culture Shift of Segmentation

Rob Barrish, SVP at GfK, LeAnn DeHoff, Senior Manager,  Consumer Insights & Competitive Intel at ADT Security Services.

Focus was critical for this collaboration, segmentation program wass widely embraced by ADT. They focused on a framework based on Maslow’s hierachy of needs, connecting needs-based segments which they studied via digital ethnographies. They made sure to prioritize segments so that they were spending time and focus on those key categories and size them.

One typing tool may not fit all needs. Be prepared for multiple.

ADT employed  a four stage process for activation:

Think strategically:

Have a framework to guide strategy planning
integrate the segmentation into all the research
Deeper dives among the segments with our online community

Segmentation is so much more than a project, it can change the way you do business.
Enlist a cross-functional team
Take the time to do the early stage exploration
Really build a solid strategy to value segments and size those markets and opportunities


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NACCM 2010: Leadership Means Enabling Success for All Associates: How ADT’s Employee Engagement Impacts the Bottom Line

Presented by: Georgia Eddleman Little, ADT SECURITY SERVICES

The Customer Monitoring Center ‘ take calls for customers at times of emergency, answering calls for over 90,000 alarms a day. They also serve as the security for all WalMart products.

Employee engagement at ADT: IT’s critical to their success.
Four ways to link engagement to high performance with employees:
1) Build a line of sight
2) Increase involvement
3) Share of accurate decision making decisions
4) Reward and recognition

When evaluating individuals, the information goes to the direct manager’s boss. Every quarter, there is a meeting with the director a level above their manager. In addition, each quarter, one team from each center collects the information, collaborate across call centers, and then develop a report and share it on the company’s portal. It’s an easy way to get employee engagement and views from the front line.