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Live from #TMRE13: Synthesizing Multiple Data sources at Panera Leads to New Insight

Yesterday, I enjoyed listening to the presentation give by Shawn Utke, VP, Brand Insights & Research, Panera Brand.

He discussed how marrying attitudinal segmentation data with behavioral data revealed interesting insights.
At Panera, they originally identified a singular target through their segmentation research:  The “EFI” (female oriented, higher income target) who had a propensity to fall in love with Panera and acted like brand advocates.
Panera wanted to do something different than what many in the category call “food porn.”  So, they targeted their messaging and called it, “Make Today Better” which was about leaving Panera better than when you came in.  They also added some of the yummy items I love (I guess I’m an EFI:)’Strawberry Poppyseed dressing and Fuji Apple Chicken Salad, Egg White sandwiches.  Yummy!!

However, after collecting and analyzing behavioral data along with their segmentation data, it suggested their customer target might not as valuable as they originally thought.  Once you have ‘big data’”, he said, “it’s a blessing and a curse because you start learning what you don’t know.”  The next question became “why the gap?”
Is the former target still the right target?
Is there a secondary target we should be directly serving?
This gave them the opportunity as an organization to strategically search for a solution based on their most important dimensions:  media buying, time of day, specific menu items.  And ultimately, led them to a more focused strategy.
Good “food” for thought regarding segmentation, big data, and bringing it together for greater insight!

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Speakers of TMRE 2009: Jon Last, Sports & Leisure Research Group

In the weeks leading up to The Market Research Event 2009, we’re going to be hearing from the speakers of The Market Research Event. This week we have Jon Last, President, Sports & Leisure Research Group, who will be facilitaing the workshop “D-I-Y Research Needn’t be a Dirty Word’A Practical Guide for Profit and Value” on Sunday, October 18, and presenting “Research Quality from the MR Buyer’s POV” during The Research Industry Summit on Data Quality on Monday, October 19 . To learn more about The Market Research Event, download the brochure here!

1. Tell us about a project you are working on or recently completed that you are proud of?
Jon: We’ve just completed the largest attitudinal segmentation study of the US golf market ever conducted. I’m particularly encouraged with this, since this is a study that I have done previously over the past 15 years so we will not only derive a great snapshot of current attitudes and behaviors, but will have substantial trending and tracking insight to draw from.

2. Think ahead 5 years, what major changes for MR/Consumer Insights do you see?
Jon: For a long time I’ve spoken about the need for MR departments and firms to become more like marketing consultants, and I continue to believe that over the next five years those organizations that more closely follow this model, will be the ones that thrive, while others will be relegated to lesser roles.

3. What inspired you to get in the field? What keeps you motivated?
Jon: Like many, the profession found me as much as I found it. I’ve always been motivated by the zest to learn more about what motivates people and how that can be translated into actionable marketing strategies. I’ve also maintained a belief that marketing research should be something that drives decision making, and with our firm I now have the opportunity to focus on that, directly.