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Empowering Creators: The Revolution in Making Things

At OmniShopper 2015 in Chicago this morning, Jonathan
Jaglom, CEO of MakerBot talked us about the revolution of making things. MakerBot’s
role is to enable creativity.
Today, MakerBot’s Thingiverse, founded in 2008, has seen
over 12 million downloads per quarter and over one million downloads per week. The
volume of downloads is a real indicator that there is a lot happening out
‘The whole world of 3D printing has really changed because of
that content and because of that demand,’ said Jaglom.
MakerBot is a leader in the desktop space with over 80,000
3D printers in the world and over 900,000 designers at Thingiverse. Its
printers allow people to be more creative and innovative than ever before ‘
they provide the toolset, the software and the accessibility that enhances
‘What Internet did to bits, we believe we did to atoms,’ he
Today with its 3D printers, MakerBot is empowering students,
professionals, and businesses across the globe to make more innovative
products. In fact, MakerBot is proud to help students at Florida Polytechnic
University, who are developing a whole new way to create and build ‘ these students
are building tomorrow’s business and industries, today.  In addition, MakerBot is empowering engineers
as Mishimoto Automotive who are creating world-class automotive cooling
products. And, the company is even allowing product designers at Martha Stewart
to create brand new products, faster and more efficiently.
As a leader in cutting edge technology, MakerBot has a
spirit all about trying new things that have never been done before.
Jaglom ends his talk by saying, ‘Don’t go the way of the
dinosaur. Evolve.’
About the Author:
Amanda Ciccatelli, Social Media Strategist at IIR USA, has a background in digital and
print journalism, covering a variety of topics in business strategy, marketing,
and technology. Amanda is the Editor at Large for several of IIR’s blogs
including Next Big DesignSTEAM Accelerator , Front End of Innovation and The Market Research Event.
She previously worked at Technology Marketing Corporation as a Web Editor where
she covered breaking news and feature stories in the technology industry. She
can be reached at aciccatelli@iirusa.com. Follow her at @AmandaCicc.

The 5 Biggest Disruptors of Retail

Retail isn’t what it used to be. The traditional retail
environment has evolved into an omnichannel space with digital and mobile
leading the way, and we, marketers and researchers, have no choice but to
Fortunately, OmniShopper
is addressing this dramatic shift in retail in Chicago this summer. This
event is bringing together all of the key players in the shopper ecosystem to
come together to find out how to thrive in this new retail world.
Here are 5 of the biggest disruptors of retail right now
that you can’t ignore:  
Tony Mardegain, Director of Shopper Insights and Shelley Christianson, Sr.
Manager of Shopper Insights at The Hershey Company will discuss shopper
touch-points – how many, which ones and where to leverage.
Learn how to maximize retail opportunities in a digitally-enhanced future
landscape with Jonathan MacDonald, Trends Expert and Founder of Thought
Expansion Network.
Learn how to engage your shoppers through mobile and digital with Art
Sebastian, VP of Category Leadership & Shopper Insights at Kraft.
Big Data:
Hear lessons from the data and digital trenches on winning with your shoppers, suppliers
and your own organization with Keith Colbourn, Former SVP Loyalty & Analytics
at Safeway.
Learn how to make purposeful connections with Millennials with Neil Howe,
Best-selling Author of ‘Millennials Rising.’
Download the brochure
for the full agenda: http://bit.ly/1ePtxbo
Join your retail partners to uncover the latest strategies,
trends and ground-breaking innovations that will transform your business and
drive the bottom line in the ever evolving omnichannel retail environment.
OmniShopper 2015 will prepare you for this massive retail
disruption and the future of retail.
Use code OMNI15LI for
$100 off the current rate. Register today: http://bit.ly/1ePtxbo
See you in Chicago!
The OmniShopper Team

Redefining the Path from Data Collection to Insight Curation at InsighTech

With unprecedented speed, technology is dramatically
disrupting the way we gather data, connect the dots and tell our insights
stories. The producers of The Market Research Event (TMRE) are excited to
invite you to the all-new InsighTech event. Redefining the path from data
collection to insight curation, InsighTech presents groundbreaking innovations
in the deployment of traditional and new research methodologies. Hear best in
class case studies from your peers, participate in experiential field trips AND
discover emerging technology likely to disrupt the industry even further. This
dual approach ensures you will be able to apply what you learn immediately AND
prepare for the future.
Learn more about this exciting event here: http://bit.ly/1GvhBrq
Featured speakers
The Future of Technology & What it Means for Your
Business: Chris Anderson, Former Editor-in-chief, WIRED, Author, The Long Tail
& Co-founder and CEO, 3D Robotics
The Futures of Market Research: Robert Moran, Partner &
Global Head, Brunswick Insight
Scaling Research for Breakthrough Innovation – The Platform
Approach: Daniela Busse, Director, Global Innovation Network, Citi
Download the brochure
for a full list of speakers:
Plus industry experts from Twitter, LinkedIn, Jawbone &
more will discuss how the research process is and will be effected by:
3D Printing
Virtual Shopping
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Social Gaming
Big Data
Data Delivery & Visualization
Mobile Research
Text Analytics
Social Analytics
And more!
InsighTech will cover everything from mobile research to
drones. Do not miss out on this unique experience that is focused on innovation
in research methodology & technology!
Mention code TECH15LII & Save $100 off the
standard rate. Register today:

The InsighTech Team