Unlocking the Television Futures Market

Dan Aversano
During the Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference, Dan Aversano, SVP, Ad Innovation & Programmatic Solutions, Turner Ignite, presented “Unlocking the Television Futures Market.” 

Attendees learned how Turner is cracking the TV futures market by using predictive analytics to advance audience targeting and optimization for their clients.

Dan began the discussion with the six things that make advertising work:
1. Who: audience targeting
2. What: creative messaging
3. Where (context): content
4. When: recency
5. How often: frequency
6. Where (platform): screen

He then described the process of how to buy audiences in linear TV. 

It begins with behavioral/attitudinal viewership data from panels, set top boxes, aggregators and SmartTV. 

Next, is analytics. Competitive Audience Estimation (CAE) measures what affects program audiences, which include:

- Time attributes (year, seasonality, day of the week, time of the day, and holidays and special events)
- Program attributes (genre, format, duration, and lead in)
- Programs offered by competitor networks
Competitive Reach Estimation (CRE) is a data-driven approach to forecast unduplicated audience across a media schedule. It compliments CAE and naturally extends learning from the targeted audience. CRE handles the complexity of estimating where audience duplication will occur in a schedule.

Finally, you need to consider the business model. The marketplace rules monetization!

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