Insights, Data, and Actions for Marketing to Generations X, Y, and V

Emma Stevens-Smith’

By understanding the next generations, you’ll be better prepared to reach your intended audience and achieve desired results.

During Day 2 of the Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference, Emma Stevens-Smith, VP of Trends, Trendera, presented “Deciphering Generations X, Y and V.”

In this session, Emma began by providing an overview of the characteristics of Gen X, Y and V:

Gen X (1965-1979):
- Ages 36-50
- Approximately 46 million in size
- Children of Traditionalists
- Slacker stereotype
- Grew up in a troubling world
- Latchkey kids
- Had ’80s expectations, experienced ’90s realities
- Seeking work/life balance
- Nostalgic, but want the new technology
- Experiencing mid life crisis
- Savvy and skeptical
- They trust no one

Gen Y (1980-1995):
- Ages 21-35
- Approximately 72-76 million in size
- Children of Boomers
- Aka Millennials
- Entitled and empowered stereotype
- Socially networked
- Highly protected, high anxiety
- Have a good connection with Boomers
- Are influenced by Gen X
- Optimistic
- “Smarty pants”
- Always have a Plan B
- Group empowered
- They think they are special and unique

Gen V (1996-2011):
- Ages 5-20
- Approximately 65 million in size
- 25% of the population
- Children of Gen X and Gen Y
- The Homeland Generation, Gen Z or Plurals
- The true digital natives
- High anxiety
- Uber parenting
- Test subjects
- Netflix no chill
- Blurred lines of family
- Jaded and medicated
- Think different
- Social beasts
- Path rejectors
- Multiple personalities
- Commitment phobes
- Rebel yellers

Here are Emma’s recommendations for connecting with Gen X, Y, and V:
- Don’t assume they are taking the traditional path.
- Share your message on multiple screens.
- Listen to their opinions (they have many!).
- Help them learn and gain new skills.
- Encourage their entrepreneurial spirit.
- When in doubt, try to make them laugh.

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Peggy L. Bieniek, ABC is an Accredited Business Communicator specializing in corporate communication best practices. 

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