Understanding In-Store Package Size Perception and Preferences

This morning at OmniShopper International 2015 in Paris,
France, Pierre Chandon, The L’Or??al Chaired Professor of Marketing-Innovation
and Creativity and Director, Sorbonne Behavioral Lab, INSEAD, took the keynote
stage to discuss in-store package size perception and preferences.

‘We are often acting mindlessly because of how our brain and
emotions work,’ he said.
Because of this, most people don’t look at the information on
packages or labels, according to Chandon. In fact, of all the information shown
on the package, the information about the size is completely neglected (only 16%
of people pay attention to it).
The bottom line is, at the point of sale, in-store or
online, they just get an impression of the size of the package about how much
is inside of the package.  The
environment is impacting the impression customers get about the size.
‘Our perception of size is relative,’ he said.  The environment can shape what we define as ‘regular.’
We spend a lot of time thinking about what we want to eat, and very little time
about how much we want. In general, we know that we want a ‘regular’ but we don’t’
know what regular really is these days.
We underestimate the change and the increase in package
size. Additionally, people underestimate supersizing, especially when all three
dimensions change. In conclusion, you should supersize only in one dimension so
that customers notice, according to Chandon. On the other hand, downsize in 3D
so customers don’t notice.
When you think about sizes, according to Chandon, you have
to think beyond ‘is this the right size’? and think about if you are branding
it the right way.

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