This Week In Market Research: 8/3/15 – 8/7/15

If you’ve ever started a blog you understand the struggle to maintain traffic and build a following. So how do you cope with all of the hair pulling out and ups and downs of watching your traffic ebb and flow? According to Entrepreneur this week, there are 4 easy reasons your blog may not be getting the traffic it deserves. The number one reason listed is pretty obvious and one that I would assume a lot of people forget to do. Not sharing your blog socially on all other social networks ignores a large pool of people that could serve as an attentive audience. Think about it. If you’re on Facebook you probably have an exuberant amount of ‘friends’ (that’s in quotes because, well come on, we all know 700 real friends is exaggerated.) Odds are, out of those ‘friends’ a good bunch of them will stop to read your posts and, if they find the material engaging, become regular visitors. The three other reasons listed are also very possible and helpful to anyone trying to boost their blog following.
Market research. It’s a term that’s thrown around all of the time, but what does it mean and how can small businesses with small budgets utilize it? You may be surprised to learn that market research can mean anything from market trends to consumer insights and that all of these things can be found on twitter. That’s right. In our moment of confusion and desperation we turn to the world of Twitter and social media. According to Adweek, there are 5 ways to really utilize market research on Twitter. Among the 5 different ways listed, Adweek mentions the Twitter function of tracking trends. It makes sense right? Whether it’s trending hashtags or trending usernames, organizations can learn valuable research from following the ‘what’s trending’ function on Twitter. Now you’re curious about the other 4 right? Read the full article on AdWeek’s website.
Remember that documentary that was released a few years back called Blackfish? Yeah, you and everyone’s mother remembers the shocking documentary that exposed SeaWorld and its treatment of killer whales. Well, here they are again in the spotlight but this time it’s because the theme park is spending $10 million to make people forget about ‘Blackfish.’ According to a recent article on Fast Company, SeaWorld is spending $10 million on an extensive marketing campaign that will combine the use of new television commercials, quarter-page print ads as well as ramping up their online ‘truth campaign.’ ”What we wanted with this campaign was to start that conversation with consumers and give them a place to go to get the facts about SeaWorld, about our animals, and about our world-class animal care, and let them make up their own minds.” Well there you have it. As a consumer, what do you think?
According to a recent article on Market this week, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Coach all of one thing in common: they’re stuck in a handbag rut. But why is this the case? Pam Danziger who is an analyst that tracks the ‘rich’ for Unity Marketing claims that it can be attributed to a group of people she likes to label the ‘HENRYs.’ This acronym stands for ‘High earners, not rich yet’ and hold incomes over $100,000. Her claim is that, although they would have dropped hundreds on handbags before the recession, ”now, even though their income and investments have largely recovered from the downturn, they don’t quite feel rich enough to splurge on this season’s hot new bucket bag.’ Throughout the article Danziger analyzes more evidence from market research to make sense of this drop in luxury handbag sales. Curious to see how customer perceive luxury handbags? Well you’re in luck! There is a short quiz at the end of the article for readers that explores this question.