The Modern Day Shopper Podcast: Dan Mudd

Where is omnichannel going in the future? How has it
changed? How has social media affected retail? These are all questions I picked
Dan Mudd’s brain with recently in an exclusive interview for the upcoming OmniShopper 2015 Conference.
OmniShopper ‘ formerly Shopper
Insights in Action
‘ is the event of choice for the retail industry and has
been for over a decade. Experts from leading retailers and brands break down
the dramatic shifts in shopper behavior and then teach you how to re-define
your shopper strategy to win at retail.
Mudd, international director at Clorox International, who
will be speaking at the upcoming event, shared his thoughts on state of
omnichannel shopping, the biggest changes in retail, the impact of social media
and millennials on retail, and much more.  
So, what’s top of mind for Mudd regarding omnichannel shopping
this year?
‘For me, it really boils down to two things,’ he said. ‘It’s
really about reach and it’s about relevancy. What I mean by reach is that it is
really about ensuring that our brands are offered everywhere the category is
sold and also making sure our communication is at every stop in that shopper’s
journey, which we know is pretty frequent at this point.’
In the last 10 years, the biggest change in retail that he has
seen is crowdsourcing and the idea of ratings and reviews and everyone has a
view on it and the importance of that category and how that is on brand choice.
According to Mudd, the clear benefit and delivery of it at every possible
touchpoint in the shopper’s journey.
‘It has really never been more important and that’s really
the biggest change I’ve seen. Where it used to only be one point, really at
that point of decide in the store, now it’s certainly multiple points with
which a consumer interacts with your brand. That’s the biggest change that I’ve
seen,’ he explained.
Social media has also had a huge impact on retail. Product
rating, reviews and customer experience are way more public with social media. Social
media has really affected how that constant of how we talk about our brand and
how they are marketed.
Where is omnichannel shopping going in the next five years?
According to Mudd, that’s a hard one.  ‘I
could make a lot of money if I could be predictive on it. First is
customization, right? How Omni Channel sources and how they get to — who is
really good at offering the customized products and solutions? They will win in
the long term.’

Mudd’s upcoming session at OmniShopper, ‘How Clorox is
Leveraging Shopper Insights to Drive Global Retail Leadership ‘ A Study from Latin
America and the Middle East’ will take attendees on a journey that begins with
a simple idea right out to a series of step-by-step processes of how to do it. It
culminates with the partnership that is founded in both from a headquarter
standpoint to a country standpoint and then with a supplier standpoint.
Mudd added, ‘What we think about it at our core and core
values is working together to win. It’s about how we bring that value to life
and that resonates through the output.’

Listen to the full podcast
interview below:

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Dan will be presenting a session, ‘How Clorox is Leveraging
Shopper Insights to Drive Global Retail Leadership: A study from Latin America
and the Middle East’ at OmniShopper 2015 on
Tuesday, July 21st at 4:00 pm. For more information about Dan’s presentation
and the rest of the OmniShopper program, visit our website:

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