Have you looked up from your phone yet today?

image from Mommywurk.com

Have you looked up
from your phone yet today?
On the phone, music in the other ear, drinking a morning
juice, all while Instagraming and
walking up from the subway stairs- let’s face it- people today are more busy
than ever.  We are the generation of
multitaskers who aren’t pleased unless we’ve done it all’and then some. This trend
has impacted how we live which down streams to how brands must connect with us-
what ads actually catch our
attention, what do we buy, how do we buy it, etc.
Brands must foresee these sorts of trends and accommodate unmet
needs before they arise. I’ve come across many great examples in my everyday
life which granted the idea to touch upon this subject. Think back to childhood-
the beloved Go-Gurt (yogurt in a tubular
stick for on the go)
your mom would send you of with as you ran out to the
bus. Google Glass allows you to basically do anything on the internet without
inhibiting your vision. Taco Bell’s new breakfast burritos combine all you
would want in breakfast into a neat one handed meal option.  Product, and
, continue to evolve which further drives our desire to
How does this effect brand communication? Staring down at
our phones, we rarely catch a glimpse of that billboard or window ad. Now ads
must be strategically placed on our phones through use of encrypted cookies
based on your previous viewings, or geolocation for nearby stores. Brands must
also keep up, ensuring they identify with the slowly changing consumer while
staying true to their own brand heritage. This also opens opportunity for many
new brands to enter the mix who start with a fresh slate and can adjust to todays’
consumer needs with no consequences.
We’ve even upped the bar on the products we desire. We are
no longer happy with just a cooler to keep our food cold; we now need one that acts
as a blender and plays music too
. Remember when cellphones only made calls
and allowed you to play snake? Now performing as miniature computers, we are
almost incapable of human life without phones in our hand.
Today’s ominshopper has high demands for meeting all needs
and in a timely fashion. We want innovation that meets our demands and then
some. Brands must adhere to this in order to stay relevant.
At what point does this become too much. Will there be a day
when we no longer have time to sleep? Too many to-do items to check off and too
many products driving this ambitions way of life- what’s next? 

Janel Parker, Market Research Consultant
at SKIM, an international consultancy and marketing research agency, has a
background in Marketing and Psychology from Cornell University. Her previous
experience at a social media agency combined with her knowledge from SKIM
provide for a unique understanding of the relationships between social media
and marketing. She can be reached at j.parker@skimgroup.com.