This Week In Market Research: 5/18/15 – 5/22/15

Without Good Analysis, Big Data Is Just A Trash Dump: Making sense of nonsense

Dear Madison Avenue: Set my data scientists free

Creating Smarter Cities: How big data and the internet of things are doing just that

Three Best Practices For Executing On Big Data Strategy

Virtual Reality Is Changing Storytelling, Modern Medicine: Weighing in on how the tech will change

How To Choose The Best Marketing Toolkit For Your Budget: Increasing your ROI while staying within your budget

You Have Died of Dysentery: The Oregon Trail Generation, life before and after mainstream tech

Patagonia’s Anti-Growth Strategy: The company is seeing double digit growth with this strategy

Google Says New Store Data Help Mobile Ads: Better links between mobile ads and retail purchases

Standing Out With User Experience and Creative Affiliation: Rich media, or smart banner types, are essential to become successful

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