Statisfy Has the New Social Media Intelligence Tool with All the Answers

Statisfy, a Boston tech startup consumer
insight gathering platform and customer engagement tool, unveiled today at the InsighTech
Conference in San Francisco that its Social Intelligence Tool product has over
1,750 online publishers using their tool in less than 30 days of its release.
Founded in 2014 by co-founders Dean Wiltse and Dave Casion, Statisfy is
changing the way brands and businesses understand and engage with their
constituents and followers. Using Statisfy, brands can easily gather
deep insight by asking engaging image based questions to their social media
followers, their website visitors, and more.
‘Our goal with Statisfy was to create a truly engaging platform where businesses
and brands could take full advantage of social media as a rich and untapped
site of market intelligence gathering. Right now, we’re the only option
for those looking to accurately and quickly gather rich customer insight,
increase social media engagement, and learn from their followers and
constituencies across social, web, and mobile platforms,’ said Wiltse, CEO and
co-founder of Statisfy.
Statisfy’s team believes that asking questions is a
fundamental part of the human condition. Every individual has questions waiting
to be asked, but Statisfy believes that existing social spaces do not encourage
this. Its team embarked on an endeavor to put a product in people’s hands which
enables them to actively engage with one another and facilitate greater
understanding of humankind via technology.
Statisfy allows content creators and publishers to make the most of their
content by creating and embedding image-based polls which then engage audiences
in an innovative way. To date, Statisfy has image based polls on over 1,765
online publishers. Although
businesses have reacted to changes in consumer behavior by creating presences
on social media, those platforms have remained push platforms, rather than
pull. With Statisfy, brands can ask targeted, image-based questions to their
social media followers, website visitors, and consumers which has the ability
to collect answers from thousands of people. Those results are then
automatically generated into easy-to-read and share statistics.

Casion President, CTO and co-founder of Statisfy, said, ‘We
make it easy and accurate for businesses to draw conclusions about their social
media followers and website visitors. These insights can be used to inform
product development, marketing campaigns, and business decisions. We’re also
giving people a way to anonymously compare themselves and their opinions to
those of others, which they can then share out via social media.’