How to Create Game-Changing Market Differentiation

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“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs, American entrepreneur

In “Across The Board, CMOs Struggling To Deliver An Integrated Customer Experience,”  Daniel Newman states that “only 13% of the 110 CMOs surveyed said they are able to truly deliver a personalized and engaging customer experience across channels.”

Are you facing the same challenge? Join Darryl Speach, Chief Customer Officer, Greystone & Co, Inc., as he presents “Designing a Customer Centric Culture: The Final Frontier for Game-Changing Market Differentiation” during the Total CX Leaders Conference June 3-4 in Miami, Fla.

During this session, you’ll learn valuable insights and the steps required to instill and sustain a successful customer-centric culture.

Prior to joining Greystone, Darryl was Disney’s lead consultant assigned to the Disney Institute/McKinsey & Company co-branded joint venture, specializing in customer experience transformations.

Total CX Leaders Conference will help you “learn how to listen to your customers, understand their differences and set the foundation to build a road map to create a seamless experience for modern customers.”

Join Darryl at Total CX Leaders Conference (TCXL) 2015 in Miami. Register today!

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