Customer Experience Conversations: Brian Byrne

Today, the customer experience (CX) landscape is drastically
changing with the explosion of new and emerging technologies affecting the
customer journey. With all of this change, it is now more important than ever
to understand what it takes to create a strategic customer experience program.

That’s why we recently sat down with Brian Byrne,
president of Aviador and Associates, to discuss the state of CX today and
what’s in store for the future. Byrne is speaking at the upcoming Total CX Leaders Conference 2015 this
spring in Miami. 
This year, the two-day conference brings together
thought-leadership to focus on higher level thinking around the strategic
alignment of customer strategy, technology and business aspirations. Linking
data driven behavior to business results, designing next generation customer
experiences and measuring the impact of your customer programs is the
difference between great and greater.

The first question we asked Byrne was ‘What is your best
customer experience’? He replied without hesitation, ‘Singapore Airlines,’ which
he takes the airline often when traveling to Asia on business.
‘They really know how to delight you with the little things,
whether it’s how they greet you when you board the plane, or even online when you
first have the initial experience booking the flight. Everything is seamless,
delightful, and it appeals to all of the senses’The whole thing wraps together
into a really, wonderful experience.’
When it comes to empathy and emotion, Byrne knows just how
important they are to customer experience. Since so much of our lives are
technologically-oriented and mechanical, so we really respond to things that
appear authentic and human and real.
‘There’s a real craving right now in our high-tech society
for some of these timeless , classic, human touch points,’ he said.

Hear the full
interview below:

Want to hear more
from Byrne? Don’t miss his keynote session, ‘Classic Patterns of Competitive
War Gaming’ at Total CX Leaders Conference 2015 this June in Miami. For more
information about the event or to register, click here: