This Week In Market Research: 3/16/15 – 3/20/15

Making The Most Of Your Data:  How digital advertisers can get out more than they put in

How To Have Effective Brand Management in a Socially-Connected World

Good User Experience is The Most Overlooked SEO Strategy 

Where Big Data Projects Fail: How failure can happen and how to prevent it

Emailing With The Customer In Mind: Leveraging data and email in order to address customer needs

Reasons Your eCommerce Needs Mobile App Smarts: Mobile visits account for one-third of the traffic on top eCommerce sites

Does Anyone Have Customer Experience Figured Out? 5 takeaways from SXSW

Why Data Scientists and Marketing Technologists Are The Hottest Jobs: Analyzing data is the future

Big Data or Fast Data? Which Do We need More

The Big Data Supply Chain is Hungry: Driving insights to feed the beast

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