This Week In Market Research 2/2/15 – 2/6/15

Top 3 Data Collection Trends for 2015

Brandwatch Launches “Social Listening” Report for Retail: Findings on Facebook and Twitter

People Gives Market Research Surveys a Data Makeover: Using giveaways to collect data

How Social Promotion Will Dominate 2015: 4 Ways social will take over

Passwords Are Dead, Biometrics and The Future of Banking Security: Voice and fingerprint recognition are becoming more mainstream

Bitcoin’s Big Opportunity In Africa: Tech startups are deciding what role the currency will play

Why Knowing the ROI of Your Social Media Campaign is Important: Knowing what you’re spending time and money on is worth the time and money

Big Data: Credit Where Credit is Due via Financial Times

Trends of 2015: Mobile Pay and Wearable Tech Are Becoming Disruptors

4 Slick Ways To Expand Your Digital Branding Strategy

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