This week in Market Research, Jan 12, 2015 Edition

Where we bring you the latest, hottest, most relevant Market Research news from around the web:

- Creating internal ambassadors for research and insights across an organization - three essential rules that market research can help a company follow via Quirks

-  Intelligent Billboards, Smell-O-Vision & the future via The Mill

- Using Online Forums for Lead Gen & MR via Envano

- 5 Ways Big Data Will Be Bigger in 2015 via Infinit Datum

- 51 Useful Tools for Conducting Market Research via Zintro

- Why It’s a New Year for Big Data analytics via CA Tech

- Media companies are utilising big data in new ways but they must avoid the temptation to have it drive every decision. Should big data be in the driver’s seat? via FIPP

- 15 Brand Experience Trends for 2015 via Graham D Brown

- From Data to Dollars: 3 Ways to Turn Insight into Action via Social Media Today

- Using Social Media Monitoring to Disrupt Your Competitors via Sendible

-  How social media presents a golden ticket to Super Bowl 2015 fan engagement

- A New Generation of Data Requires Next-Generation Systems via Wired

- Uh oh, Leaked Palantir Doc Reveals Uses, Specific Functions And Key Clients, via TechCrunch

- 3 Ways to Hone Your Data Mining Skills via CyberCoders

- Mining value from unstructured data via Silicon Angle

- B2B Marketing Trends of 2015: The Importance of Customer Experience, Data Quality and Attribution via LinkedIn

- Riding the Customer Experience Big Data Wave in 2015 via John Weisenberger

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