This Week In Market Research: 10/27/14 – 10/31/14

Market Research for Small Business, Is it Worth it? 90% of businesses have made their most important decisions with the help of market research

Big Data Taking Industries Storm: 84% of enterprises see big data changing their industries

Data Science Meets the Power of the Crowd: Harnessing the triple-Ds (Design, Development, Data)

How Mobile Users Think and Behave Online: Consumers want more from the mobile web

Using Business Intelligence to Achieve More Impact and Answers: 8 things to focus on

“Just Google it” The Big Business Version: via Fortune

Putting Together Your Competitive Intelligence Team: Structuring, Staffing, and Sourcing

Twitter + IBM = Greater Data Solutions for Marketers Dealing With Social Media Overload

6 Ways to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

How To Differentiate Customer Experience: Maintaining market share with faster product development times

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