Live from #TMRE14: Simon Sinek on How to Think Like a Leader

Simon Sinek is the author of “Start With Why” and “Leaders Eat Last, this morning on the last day of TMRE 2014, he explored ways to think and act like a true leader.

Almost all of our behavior is driven by our need to feel safe.

Trust and cooperation are feelings not instructions or things you can ask for, leaders set the tone, people REACT to an environment.

The human interprets everything in terms of life and death, even when the stakes aren’t that high.

You can easily manipulate people with fear but it doesn’t work for very long and causes stress and the inability to thrive.

When people feel same, feel part of the same tribe, they create traditions, language and their own culture which they cooperate with.




People get addicted to endorphin rush and hits of dopamine, but they are fleeting while seratonin and oxytocin are released over time in relationship and make you feel safe and loved. Leaders make people feel safe and people in turn love their leaders.

Loyal customers and employers don’t care that other products/companies exist.
They have such strong relationships they won’t budge.

Loneliness causes more death than obesity, people who feel lonely are more likely to die younger than people who aren’t. Build relationships and community to empower people, make them feel safe.

People will not believe you if you don’t believe in what you are offering yourself.

Believe you can be the change.


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