TMRE 2013 Video: 5 Shocking Trends That Will Change the Way You Do Business

Constant change at a rapidly accelerating pace is upon us. How you, as a research company or a client-sider, plan to allocate your time and money in order to keep up with the pace of change is becoming an increasingly tricky equation. Here are a few things you should note about the pace of change.

Wynne Tyree is the Founder and President of Smarty Pants and discusses her findings in this presentation available here (Run time: 00:36:16). The five trends she discusses in this encore session are:

1. Facebook is Dead – Young people are leaving Facebook for other apps such as Snapchat or Instagram. The reason for this being is the invasion of parents onto Facebook and as a result young teens are leaving for more private apps.

It is important to note that these millennials are not deactivating Facebook, they are just using it differently.

2. Zero TV Households – This doesn’t necessarily mean that a household doesn’t own a TV, it just means they do not pay for cable.

In fact, 75% of these households own TVs they just use other means to get TV such as Hulu or Netflix.

3. Bigger is Normal – This trend deals with the obesity problem in America and is a problem because becoming heavier is the new norm in America.

Almost 70% of adults are overweight or obese, and this is setting a bad example for our nations youth. Most of the top brands in the U.S. (28/50) are nutritionally weak and this is not helping the problems.

4. Dads Are Important – The number of stay at home dads has doubled in recent years. Dads have their own unique style of parenting and are available to be targeted.

Also, 50% of dads do grocery shopping for the family and this is another area to target dads.

5. What Does The Fox Say: This YouTube video is funny and random and that is the trend. The fact that there is no point and that anyone can create content is what makes this a trend.

This video and videos like it are open to interpretation and are connecting people because they are funny in a different way for every individual.

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