Research Insighter Video: Trend Spotting With Beam Inc.

Janu Lakshmanan, ‘Global Manager of Consumer and Market Insights at Beam, talks about the biggest problem in research in this episode of TMREtv’s The Research Insighter with Marc dresner, Senior Editor and Special Communication Projects Lead at IIR.  She observes the misunderstanding between researchers and consumers. This episode is brought to you by The Market Research Event (TMRE).

What’s explored in the video?

  • Understanding the Consumer:

Janu mentions that most researchers don’t speak to consumers the way they want to be spoken to.

  • Updating Surveys:

Making surveys more user friendly and shorter will merit more responses.

  • Social Media:

Being engaged in social media is helpful to understand millennials. Being on twitter and not using it is not enough as you cant understand it until you’re in it.

About The Author:

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