TMRE ’13 Video Presentations Now Available

We encourage you to check out these eight full session videos from TMRE 2013, they feature the following prominent speakers that are focused on the business value of research:

1. Marc C. Normand – 7 Best Practices for Driving Ad Impact Among Kids & Families

2. Jane McGonigal - Reality is Broken

3. Jeffrey Cole – Trend, Fads & Transformation: The Impact of the Internet

4. Karen Ramspache – Creating Pivot TV: Developing a Media Model Designed to Activate Millennials

5. Jared Weiner – The Future Begins Now

6. Dan Pink – To Sell is Human

7. Wynne Tyree – 5 shocking Trends That Will Change the Way You Do Business

8. Ravi Iyer – Leveraging Graphs of Data to Understand Your Customers’ Values

You won’t have access to these videos anywhere else!

TMRE is the World’s #1 Insights event and these videos showcase some of the best sessions from last years event. Watch them to get an understanding of the informative and thought provoking content. 

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