Creating, Curating and Socializing Insights in a Time Compressed World

Who knew that the first phone was born by AT&T in 1876, 138 years ago? And that the iPhone is already 7 years old?


Speed and faster time to insights was aptly showcased  with the telecom industry where competition is high and brand loyalty is pervasively low. Your phone is, after all, the remote control of your life. Well expressed by AT&T and SKIM.

The key message of nobody has time resonates with a plethora of industries in a hyper competitive world, which is fast changing, mandating extremely targeted insights and very short timelines.


Amongst the key takeaways that will shortly be updated on the site, some of the more actionable ones included:

  • Having a seamless team that is cross functional with key stakeholders. Align, align and align.
  • Know what your stakeholders DON’T want, its a twist on knowing what they want.
  • Keep it brief and actionable (12 slides!)
  • Think lean: keep things seamless, transparent.
Sourabh Sharma,
Communication & Social Media Research Expert at SKIM, an international
consultancy and marketing research agency, has a background in engineering,
marketing and finance from the University of Pennsylvania, and the Wharton
School and Rotterdam School of Management. Having worked in marketing and
product development at L’Oreal, followed by a stint in management consulting,
he now passionately enjoys the world of social media, and can be found on every
platform with his alias sssourabh. He is a food critic and a fashion writer,
and documents these alongside strategy on his blog called
3FS. He may be reached at
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