The Humanization of Data – Bridging The Gap of Data Collection To Change The World by John Havens

John C. Havens, Founder of the H(app)athon Project and frequent contributor to Mashable, started the Future of Consumer Intelligence Conference off with a bang’. or
at least a sweet tune. Giving the first keynote presentation of the day, Havens’
brought his presentation to life by showing off his musical chops with a
harmonica. Havens’ quickly grabbed the attention of the audience by asking a
simple but humbling question, ‘What are you worth’?
He presented this
question with two different pictures. The first picture was of a pile of
money. Often people equate value to the totality of their assets. The second
picture was of a young boy on a swing with a clear sky in the background. He
gave the example of a father and a son. A son’s value to his father goes way
beyond dollars and cents due to the personal element. This was the main point of
his presentation ‘ the humanization of data. ‘How do we make data have a more
personal touch’? …. and to take it a step further, “How much more valuable would our data be in that scenario?”
To drive this point
home Havens’ spoke on how consumers view the collection of data. Right now the
relationship between data collectors and consumers is fragmented because there
is no trust. Consumers don’t know how their data is being used.
He shared an
example of a platform that allows individuals to essentially create their own
data collection preferences. So as they’re browsing the web they’ve already
agreed to areas they feel comfortable sharing.
Havens’ argues that
this is the KEY to creating a culture where REAL insights are discovered from
consumer data. As consumers become more comfortable sharing their data (due to increased trust), the
granularity and value of their data will increase.

He closed his
presentation perfectly by sharing a very personal, emotional story. It was
clear the intangible elements of his story were having a very real, tangible
impact on everyone.
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