World Cup Advertising Wars, Part 2: How to Boost Your Campaigns

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Rewind 4 years, and you might recall Adidas and Nike as the
top Marketing contenders for World Cup gear, with Adidas as an official
sponsor, and Nike as their ambush Marketing competitor. Both brands were
extremely successful with their campaigns, partly because the 2010 World Cup
events showed the highest numbers for a sporting event ever on social, providing a great way to increase engagement
amongst soccer fans.
Fast forward to 2014, and not a lot has changed in the
battle of the boots and jerseys. Adidas has again claimed a spot as an official
sponsor, with Nike looming in the background ready to pounce. In fact, Nike
wasted no time, and was the first brand to launch a World Cup
 this year with the inspirational theme ‘Risk Everything’.
And Adidas should take note of Nike’s presence, especially
since Nike brought the pressure last year when Adidas sales slumped in Western Europe. Truth be told, it’s
anyone’s game when it comes to which brand will come out on top after this
year’s World Cup.
Segmentation- From
Planning to Launching

Elaborating on last week’s post, we plan to reveal some
Marketing tactics that might help each of these brands (and smaller brands)
gain the World Cup Marketing advantage, by moving away from the campaign
‘Planning’ phase and into the ‘Active’ phase.

To start, let’s look at the changes in the @FIFAWorldCup
Personas. Last week, the most engaged Persona was ‘Wholesome Males’. Another
sample of tweets this week reveals that ‘Reliable Males’ are now just as
engaged as ‘Wholesome Males’.
So how can brands use this information? Let’s start with
Adidas. They’ve hit social hard for their last few soccer-themed campaigns,
introducing several hashtags (including #FastOrFail for their AdiZero f50 boot,
and #GetReady for their Body Care line). A very smart move on their part.
Now it might also be smart for them to use real-time
segmentation to ‘boost’ any online campaigns running concurrently with their TV
spots. This week, that means speaking to the ‘Wholesome’ and ‘Reliable’
Personas that are actively engaged with @FIFAWorldCup and soccer.
Campaign Content
Shouldn’t Stay Static

Maybe that entails creating some fresh, new content (social,
online advertising, etc) that these Personas can relate to better, because as
mentioned last week, personality types unconsciously ‘Respond To’ or ‘Get
Turned Off’ by certain language. The newly engaged ‘Reliable Male’ Persona
break-down is below:
Popular Hashtags Lead
Back to You

Another way to boost their campaigns might be to use the
favorite hashtags from both Personas, to encourage engagement with the Adidas
campaigns. The current ‘Reliable Male’ favorite hashtag list is below (and what
do you know, #Adidas made the cut). Using these hashtags in addition to the
unique campaign hashtags might bring in more eyeballs from the online soccer
audience who Adidas is looking to sell to.
Next week we’ll look at the @FIFAWorldCup top shared media
and interests, and discuss how Marketers can use that data to make unique media
placement and brand influencer decisions.
Want to look at your own brand audience’s personality
breakdown or favorite hashtags? Click here.
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