Why I’m Excited to Attend the Future of Consumer Intelligence 2014

“Must-See” Sessions at #FOCI14

By Isaiah Adams, Optimization Group

Coming this May I’ll be jumping on a plane to Los Angeles to attend the Future of Consumer Intelligence conference. As I read over the conference schedule a few of the sessions jump out at me as ‘must-see’ sessions. Below is a list of the sessions I’m most excited about. I’d love to hear what sessions you plan to attend in the comments section below. 

Progress in the Adoption of Innovations for Consumer Intelligence

William MacElroy, Chairman, SOCRATIC TECHNOLOGIES INC.

This session is basically showing the degree to which institutional barriers exist to the adoption of new and innovative market research techniques. I’m looking forward to this session because I’ve experienced these barriers first-hand and would like to see what barriers others have encountered. I remember back when I was pitching Crowdsourcing/Co-creation to P&G (back when Crowdcourcing/Co-creation was relatively new) and it was a difficult process. Although P&G was one of the first ‘big players’ to invest significantly in Crowdsourcing/Co-creation, getting them to open their mind up to a new research technique was like pulling teeth. If you’ve spent any time around P&G headquarters in Ohio, you understand that ‘culture’ and institutional processes reign supreme.

Designing Habit-Forming Technology

Nir Eyal, Habit Design Researcher, NIRANDFAR.COM

This kick-off keynote grabbed my attention right away when I heard Eyal will be talking about something I deal with on a daily basis. My role at Optimization Group requires me to be active in all the latest technology and social networks. Combine that with the other A.D.D habits of millennials and you have someone who can’t put his phone down. Over time I’ve realized that a lot of my fidgeting with my phone and checking email can be attributed to habits I’ve formed with technology. Whenever I purposely take a hiatus from these habits for a short period of time (maybe 24hrs) I find myself having withdrawals. Hopefully Eyal’s keynote presentation can shed light into how these habit-forming technologies are formed’.so hopefully I can find a way to ‘control’ my addiction.

REVOLT’s Millennial Manifesto: Identifying the #NewRules for a #NoRules Generation

Jake Katz, VP, Audience Insights & Strategy, REVOLT

Again, as a millennial myself, any study that uncovers insight into my generation is interesting. In this session Katz will share research he’s done on how Market Research is adapting to the needs of millennials. It will be interesting to see how research is adapting to the entertainment-driven millennial culture (if it’s boring we don’t waste our time with it) and how research is adapting to the way millennials interact with each other. 

The Web Within Us: When Minds & Machines Become One

Ray Kurzweil, Author, Inventor, Futurist, Director of Engineering, GOOGLE

I can’t decide if I’m excited or frightened to attend this keynote presentation. Kurzwell plans to present his vision on how humans and machines will merge within the next three to four decades. Is it just me or is this idea frightening? I know it’s a popular fantasy. All you have to do is look at the success of prime-time television shows Intelligence and Almost Human.

These are the sessions I’m most excited about. Please share what sessions intrigue you the most below in the comments section.


Isaiah Adams is the Manager of Social Media Development at Optimization Group, a marketing research and analytics firm that uses cutting edge technology to help clients make fact-based decisions. Optimization Group has a dedicated place on its site where agencies can learn how to use research to help their clients succeed called the Advertising Agency Hub.
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