Disruptive & Groundbreaking Research Revealed at The Future of Consumer Intelligence

You are being charged with being disruptive, doing things
differently and igniting change through insights.
You need a market research event that delivers something
groundbreaking, something new – not content that’s already been shared. And
that’s what The Future of Consumer Intelligence
is all about.
Brought to you by the producers of The Market Research
Event, the World’s Top Insights Event, The Future of Consumer Intelligence
combines the best practices from TMRE and future-forward thinking to help you
uncover new, deeper, more meaningful insights.
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Program highlights include:
  • Renowned Futurist, Inventor, Director of Engineering at
    Google, Ray Kurzweil reveals how we’re getting closer to a time when minds and
    machines are coming together as one
  • An agenda that reflects the trends in the research industry
    - sessions and speakers explore what will happen in the future, not what has
    already happened 
  • A Conversation on Privacy : Ontario, Canada’s Information
    and Privacy Commissioner, Ann Cavoukian will discuss what the Big Data
    Revolution means for our privacy
  • World-Class Speakers from AIRBNB, E*Trade Financial,
    Heineken, Intel, Kimberly-Clark, Lowe’s, PepsiCo, Post Foods, Procter &
    Gamble, Sony Music, Whole Foods Market and more.
  • Full Day Intensive on The Future Researcher . The role of
    the researcher has changed dramatically over the past few years – The Future of
    Consumer Intelligence will help you understand new ways of delivering value and
    protect your future relevance.  

And more!
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The Future of Consumer Intelligence delivers the tools and
methodologies you need to gain a richer understanding of your consumer.

We hope to see you in California!

The FOCI Team