Live from #TMRE13: How CareerBuilder Builds Research Advocates Internally

Kassandra Barnes, Research and Content Manager at CareerBuilder began her presentation giving us her definition of “viral” — “the art of making something popular and shareable with minimum effort (or at least making something look like it’s minimum effort).”
Her “viral” goal was to create an internal buzz for research at CareerBuilder.  As a single researcher in a sales organization, it was not the easiest thing to do.  Because, she said, “In a sales organization, the typical research timeline doesn’t fly!  You have to be extremely agile!”
She gave us 6 steps to create internal advocates in an organization which needed extremely quick information:
1.  Do research “they” care about  -  Create the purpose before the research:  What’s the headline, So What?, Who Cares?
2.  Build a Braintrust (from cross-functional departments’including sales!)  This creates a group of brand ambassadors before the research even starts!
3.  Create Content – Using “The Four A’s” (Audience, Assets, Assess, Advertise)  
4.  Be Your Best Salesperson
5.  Train People on Research
6.  Build Partnerships

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