Live from TMRE13: Using Real Time and Over Time to Track Shopper Purchase and Behavior

Using the comical nostalgic ad of how chocolate and peanut
butter came up in a rather unfiltered way: ‘Your chocolate is in my peanut
better’ vs ‘Your peanut butter is in my chocolate’, PurchasedNow unfolds
shopper behavior tracked in real time.

Existing methods limit in addressing complexity:

  • Post hoc online surveys
  • Home scanning panel 
  • Loyalty card
  • In store intercept
  • Shopper ethnographies

The Litmus test ensures that data is timely, representative
and accurate. It is a 5 stage methodology to track behavior of shopper

  1. Recruit shoppers who shop via Shopalong app.
  2. Capture shopper intent based on what their
    shopping plans are
  3. Track actual shopping behavior
  4. Capture receipts for details of what they buy/do
  5. Post purchase survey to check for disparities
    with planning

As a case study of my favorite holiday Black Friday, these
were some cool facts unearthed in this seminar:
59% of Black Friday shoppers went to a different store than
the one they originally planned on, mainly based on convenience. 31% of brand
swappers were influenced by a shopping partner to change plans! And 31% of
consumers buy more at the store they go to first.
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