Live from #TMRE13: Exploring Brand Affinity Across Hispanic and Gen Pop Generations

Brenda Hurley, Senior Vice President and Erin Barber, Vice President Online Immersion, at C+R Research spoke today about Exploring Brand Affinity Across Hispanic and Gen Pop Generations: Stretching Online Panels and Communities at The Market Research Event.

Mobile isn’t just for Millenials, even Boomers enjoyed using their mobile diaries methodology. Across ethnicities, everyone was more immersed in the mobile diaries. Mobile shopping was less popular with Boomers.

Fabuloso All Purpose Cleaner 169 fl oz
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They expected generational gaps in brand loyalty in various product categories inn cleaners, coffee, frozen foods. What they found is that its less about generation and more about he product itself.

Price is important to everyone as is quality and brand trust. For Millenials, price is important but also variety of products and a variety of uses, they appreciate the versatility of a product.

Boomers meanwhile rely on their experience and stay with the tried and true.Items that they have a nostalgic affinity to or that their kids grew up with.

Hispanics are generally more loyal to brands than other population segments but interestingly African Americans are more brand loyal when it comes to the coffee category.

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Hispanics aren’t afraid of commitment, they stick with a brand they like and trust because they feel obligated to that relationship and pride at using this product.

What was noted was that Hispanic brands were also used and favored by non-Hispanics and that affinity was crossing lines.

Coffee loyalty is often driven by nostalgia, across generations too, breaking barriers because it’s a product driven by the power of family tradition and history.

“Mom” is the loyalty driver. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, if you grew up with it more likely than not, you will use it to until you are given a reason not to.


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