Insights Department Looks to Automation to Insure Success

Insurance Co Research Head Talks Technology and Retirement

By Marc Dresner, IIR
Ask JoAnna Carey what researchers need to think about these days and she’ll tell you two words whose relationship may not be immediately apparent: technology and retirement.
The latter is not intended to be a suggestion, by the way, although Carey, who heads up the research function as marketing development manager at Foremost Insurance (a member of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies) is a big believer in automatingresearch to the extent possible.

JoAnna Carey
Carey notes that a significant chunk of the general workforce (roughly 20% according to some sources) will retire within the next five years. Certainly the research profession will not be an exception.
‘We need to use these transitional years to learn as much as we can from our more experienced colleagues while there is still time to proactively apply what we learn,’ Carey told The Research Insighter.
‘These drastic changes to our workforce will create a rare opportunity for all of us to review, revise and automate our current processes,’ she added.
In this interview with The Research Insighter podcast series, Carey discusses why automation through enabling technology is a key component in her strategy’
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