How AT&T Turned Big Data Theory into Reality

By Don Hodson,
AT&T Mobility

Providing wireless service is a complex business.
Most of our 107 million customers interact with the network
hundreds of times a day; they use many different makes and models of devices;
and they interact via thousands of stores, multiple call centers and online
chat. These are just a few of the issues, and they all impact perceptions of
the company.
Surveys capture customer attitudes but respondents cannot always
recall events accurately. So, what’s a director of consumer
to do?
Over the last 18 months, AT&T Mobility has captured
billions of interactions to turn loyal customers into brand advocates.
How? By bridging the gap between the ‘what’ and the
‘why”integrating transactional, demographic and behavioral data with
traditional attitudinal surveys’Market Strategies International has helped AT&T
move big data from theory into reality. Part of our solution has been to use Market
Strategies’ Continuous Improvement Cycle’ (CIC). The CIC is a multi-purpose
tool that allows us to identify loyal’but not advocating’customers and change
their behaviors to become brand advocates.
us at TMRE
to learn how this approach can serve as a model for any
Traditional Market Research & Big Data
A Case Study in
What Works and What Doesn’t
1:45 p.m. on Wednesday,
October 23
Bayou D Meeting

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Donald Hodson is director of consumer insights
for AT&T
. He is responsible for overseeing customer experience research for
one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications providers. Prior to
working at AT&T, he was a director of market research for Cingular
Wireless, Home Depot and Coca-Cola. He will be co-presenting with Greg Mishkin, a vice
president in the Communications division at Market Strategies International and one
of the company’s subject matter experts for the wireless communications

Donald Hodson

Greg Mishkin