7 Tools You Need to Make it in the Customer Engagement Era

Did you know that the majority of customers expect you to go the extra mile to keep their business, but a whopping 71 percent of customers don’t think companies are doing enough?  This is because as of late, the rules of customer engagement have changed drastically
Simply acquiring customers is not enough for today’s businesses – the goal now is to deliver an amazing customer experience (CX) at every interaction so that you not only acquire customers, but they become your loyal fans. You must engage customers like never before, along the entire journey from awareness to lead. 
So, here are some tools, according to Business2Commity, that you should use to boost your company’s CX.
Relevant customer insight. Relevant insight enables employees to anticipate and solve customer needs. Make sure you are tracking social and online information to understand opinions and attitudes.
Flexible applications.Happy, empowered employees deliver better customer experiences.
More than CRM. Your CRM strategy must expand and be able to embrace social listening, social engagement, e-commerce, and cross-organization customer analytics.