The TMRE Experience: Engaging, Insightful and Relevant

Today, market research is crucial in order for a business to
know what type of products would be profitable to introduce in the market. In
addition, market research enables the business to know if it has been able to
satisfy customer needs and whether any changes need to be made ‘ enabling the
creation of a successful marketing plan.
Take a trip to Nashville, TN in October and your company will
be significantly impacted if you attend The
Market Research Event (TMRE). 
TMRE is the only event of its kind with
more than 60 percent client side attendees and 98 percent of past participants
recommending TMRE to a colleague. Featuring over 140 sessions and 175 speakers,
every year TMRE delivers the most comprehensive research learning and
networking experience of the year.
From the worlds’ most popular best-selling authors, to the
year’s best case studies demonstrating the business impact of insights, TMRE
is like attending seven events in just one trip. For the attendees, sponsors
and speakers who come back each and every year, TMRE has remained a trusted
partner to acquire new skills such as storytelling, strategic decision making
and insight integration.
Here are some reasons
why people in the industry attended TMRE 2012:

‘It was an opportunity for us to network.’
‘Everybody you know who is important in market research is
going to be there.’
‘There is a great balance of suppliers and manufacturers.’
‘Because of the success we had last year.’
‘We are a young company, so for us it is very important that
we are at the right places at the right time.’
‘It is a chance for younger people in the industry to learn
about what is going on and for those who are experienced to expand their minds
as it relates to research.’
‘There are so many different options, but also a consistency
of themes among topics.’
‘It brings excellence and insights to my organization.’

‘I can keep up with what the industry is all about.’

Join us on October 21, 2013: