A new way to get insights, everyday

Today we turn our attention to building a better relationship with consumers:
At iModerate, we are constantly asking ourselves – how can we facilitate better communication between our clients and their consumers? 
We believe in the power of individual conversations, not just to gain insight around that big tracker or ad test, but as a way to answer your everyday questions and keep your finger on the pulse of your consumers.
Therefore, we are introducing a new way to work with us, one that enables you to easily establish consistent, fruitful dialogues with customers, fans, and desired market segments. 
iModerate’s new subscription service provides you with a bank of conversations that you and your colleagues can quickly draw from whenever issues or questions arise. 
With just one phone call you have access to professionally moderated qualitative conversations that deliver a level of insight that goes deeper into the minds of your consumers, uncovering what truly matters to them.
Beyond securing a better way to talk to consumers, the subscription offering allows you to achieve savings of up to 20%, secure preferential fielding windows, unlock more deliverable options and enjoy a simplified, streamlined process. 
How transformative can this be? Find out how it’s changed our marketers by checking out our comic strip series’ www.imoderate.com/superhero
About the Author
iModerate is a qualitative research firm that goes beyond the obvious by connecting with consumers through real-time, online, one-on-one conversations. Utilized within an online survey for a hybrid approach or as a stand-alone qualitative method, our professionally moderated conversations deliver candid feedback and give you more of the insight that matters to you.
iModerate Research Technologies is a sponsor of The Future of Consumer Intelligence and The Market Research Event and will join us on site to explore we can transform market research together.