Optimizing Communications with a Message Simulator

Today’s blog post comes from Dr. David Forbes, Ph.D., of Forbes Consulting, an exhibitor at The Market Research Event 2012.

Developing optimal communications is a challenging topic that we at Forbes Consulting pursue relentlessly. Think for a moment ‘ what if you could predict the market impact of communicating specific brand benefits or positioning elements and choose between them for optimal market impact? The Forbes Message Impact Simulator allows you to do just that. It allows you to experiment with levels of prominence of a single benefit, or with various combinations of benefits ‘ and observe the effect on your brand’s appeal and resulting estimated brand volume.

The simulator below starts with the base scenario ‘ current performance on all product attributes as well as current reach (a measure of the breadth of your brand’s connection with a population of interest), frequency (a measure of the depth of your brand’s connection with a population) and volume. By changing the strength of your brand’s functional and/or emotional equities in the simulator, you can immediately see the impact. The FCG Message Impact Simulator lets a user comprehensively evaluate the impact of alternative communication platforms, and choose the one with the strongest potential.

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