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Erin Barber, Vice President, C+R Research recently wrote of The Market Research Event 2012:

“Not only did we hear about big data ‘ the hottest of ‘hot’ topics ‘ we also heard about mobile, eye tracking, neuroscience, visual storytelling, ‘infotainment,’ social media listening, online communities, Millennials, and much more.”

Now, IIR USA and The Market Research Event is pleased to bring C+R Research to our online “stage” as part of the on-going Insights Webinar Series, your resource for insights on the cutting edge.

Join us today, Wednesday, December 5, 2012 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET for “Falling Dow + Rising Tao: What the Quest for Balance Means for Your Brand,” Presented by Erin Barber, Vice President, C+R Research and Mary McIlrath, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, C+R Research

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Nowadays, there’s a focus on the Millennial generation and understanding what makes them tick. However, we’ve uncovered what’s relevant and present across all generations, including Millennials. Hard economic times have shifted the way most consumers prioritize the pieces of their lives and the way they select brands to help them walk their chosen path. Balance is not a new concept but cultural changes have forced many to reconsider how they can achieve it. In this research, we delved into multi-generational consumers’ lives to get a holistic understanding of what they’re doing and how they feel about their lives on a daily basis. We uncovered what brands are currently helping them and what your brand could do to help consumers reach their goals.

Using a multi-pronged approach – in-depth online discussions, mobile and video ethnography, online chats, and online surveys – we captured the latest balancing act and what it means for your brand. In this webinar, learn how you can:

Help sustain your consumer’s household ecosystem
Keep your consumer’s eye on the big picture
Shift the focus to progress, not perfection
Win by understanding the new family team
Trade in the currency of time

Hope you can join the session and share your questions and thoughts during the Q & A period.

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