Live from TMRE 2012: Pecha Pecha Whatsa Whatsa

The first time Lisa Wolfe, Senior Director of Consumer & Market Insights from DeVry Inc mentioned Pecha Kucha to me I quickly shook my head like I knew what she was talking about.  My mind sifted through the internal files in my head but all I could come up with was Machu Picchu and then Pikachu!  Pikachu!  That’s probably because I have younger kids than I should at my age and also because I hate to admit when I haven’t heard of something important which if Lisa is mentioning it to me, it probably is.

So I did what YOU would do!  I Googled it.

It’s a presentation philosophy, heavy on visuals, concise on information, originally developed in Japan for creative professionals.   Lisa’s presentation, inspired by the principles of Pecha Kucha contained many specific examples of ways that research presentations can better connect, and even inspire clients and counterparts. 

Lisa Wolfe’s motivation was a strong perception that her role was to “fix” decks so they would better meet client expectations.  Realizing that her time and effort could be better spent on strategic thinking and growth initiatives, Lisa created guidelines and templates for reporting that are powerful.

She downplayed the genius of this by stating that it was actually very simple. But therein lies the problem.  We’re often so deep in the weeds of data and analysis and putting all of our horsepower into impressing clients with brilliance that we forget they are people.  And people like pictures.  And they remember simple ideas expressed elegantly.  “Put all of the intense data charts in the appendix,” says Lisa.  And she’s right.  Those of us who are interested will find them there.  Those who need them to believe the elegant points made visually will seek those pages out.  The rest of us, most of us, will be engaged and informed.  That’s what Pecha Kucha can do for Market Research.  And it’s more than Pikachu could do.

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Today’s guest post is from Kelley Styring. Styring is principal of InsightFarm Inc. a market research and consumer strategy consulting firm. She has led insights for Procter & Gamble, Pepsico, Black & Decker and NASA prior to founding her own firm in 2003. Kelley is a published author and has been featured in USA Today, ABC News, Good Morning America, Brandweek, Fortune, Quirk’s Marketing Research and The Market Research Daily Report from RFL Online.