Taking a Break for Humor

Today’s post comes from TMRE Guest Blogger, Katie Clark. She is also known as @InsightsGal on Twitter and a client-side market researcher, project manager, and social media maven. 

For many of us in market research, September is one of the most stressful and crazy months of the year.

On the client side, we’re rushing to get 2013 projects defined and structured, preparing our budgets, requesting headcount, etc.

On the supplier side, you’re ultra-busy taking our calls and providing quick turn-arounds on pricing requests…and budgeting for what your work will look like for 2013.

So in honor of “Budget Season” and the need for a bit of levity – it’s time for a little market research/statistics humor!

Brought to my attention by the fabulous (and funny!) Annie Pettit of Conversition – have you ever felt like one of the characters in this video when dealing with a client?

For some great math, research, and infographics humor I need to give a shout-out to the team at I Love Charts for bringing us links to everything from ‘Gangnam Style for Math Nerds’ videos to ‘What Sports are they Arguing About‘ charts.

Finally, it’s never too early to start shopping for the holidays!

Have little ones at home? Who wouldn’t want a

plush Chi-Square Distribution?

…or maybe an I Heart Statistics bib?

Perhaps you’d like something to put in your holiday gift list? How about decorating your home office with these faux-vintage WWII era data analysis posters?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this break for some market research humor – now back to budgets and data analysis!

More about Katie: Based in Portland, Maine, Katie manages the market research team at Diversified Business Communications. She has worked with companies large and small and in industries such as seafood, 3D laser imaging, software, fragrance, finance, and entertainment to help them move the business forward through actionable insights derived from market research. She is passionate about bringing the’Voice of the Customer’ inside the organization. The opinions expressed here are her own and not those of her employer.

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