What are a few misconceptions about big data?

Immense amounts of data is being gathered every day.  However, with all this new data that is being collected, there are still a few things that researchers misunderstand according to Brian Gentile at Mashable. What are a few of them?

  • -Big data is more than the amount of volume that is produced. It’s about the velocity at which the data is produced. The variety of data that is collected is important as well.
  • - There is not a one-size fits all program for big data. The program used to analyze the data should be should be customized to handle and output the data with the results in mind for each project.
  • -Even though there are a variety of data points collected from the big data, this does not mean it’s unstructured. Gentile at Mashable believes it should be called multi-structured
  • -Big data is not just for social media analysis and feelings. It may have begun this way, but now more companies have the power to analyze the data they bring in.
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What are some other common misconceptions about big data?