Hear from BMO Financial, Dunkin’ Donuts, Prophet & More at Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit

There are certain people who, when they speak, people listen. The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit brings you these voices – to share their customer experiences insights with you. Get the rare opportunity to hear from cross-industry leaders under one roof, at one time.

‘ Kelly Harper, Director, Brand & Customer Experience, BMO Financial Group shares how delivering great customer experiences begins with embedding customer experiences within your organization and fostering a customer-focused culture.

‘ Chuck Felts, CEO, Managing Partner, Feltz & Associates explores how you can increase your company’s relevance by creating an intentional customer experiences that aligns your organization from the top down.

‘ Peter Dixon, Senior Partner, Creative Director, Prophet defines the need to create and manage a clear customer experience in your organization.

‘ Scott Hudler, Vice President – Global Consumer Engagement, Dunkin’ Donuts discusses how the 60+ year-old brand has transformed the way it meets the needs of today’s consumer by remaining true to its brand promise.

‘ Plus 5 additional keynotes from: Burke Inc., Experience Engineering & Maritz Research, Porter Airlines, Starwood Hotels & GfK Custom Research and USAA.

Download the conference brochure for the full agenda and session descriptions.

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See who’s already registered to attend:
1to1 Magazine, AAA, AAA Arizona, AARP, American Family Insurance, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Brandtrust, Bridgewater Bank, Chadwick Martin Bailey, Citizens Bank, Crystal Flash Energy, CUNA Mutual Group, CVS Caremark, Desjardins General Insurance, eBay, Expedia, Forrester Research, Hunter Douglas, Indiana University, Inflexxion, Janet LeBlanc & Associates, JoAnna Brandi & Co, KS&R, Leadership Learning Systems, Lenze Americans Corp. , Liberty Mutual Insurance, Loyalty Research Center, Medical Packaging Inc. , Morpace Inc. , Nationwide Insurance, OptumHealth, OtterBox, REI , Rockwell Automation, SAS Institute, The Chamberlain Group, The Hartford, Time Warner Cable, TNS, Travelers Insurance, TXU Energy, Verint, Vistaprint, Wright Express Corp., Yandex

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We look forward to seeing you this June in Boston!

The Total Customer Experience Leaders Event Team

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Introducing uSamp’s Mobile Market Research and Polling Application

Mobile marketing is fast becoming the solution of choice for researchers and marketing professionals looking for instant, onsite feedback. With uSamp Mobile Solutions you can conduct research that gauges customer experience ‘ at the time that it is happening ‘ providing you with relevant insights and validated, actionable data. Additionally, uSamp Mobile Solutions provides you with the tools you need to:

Conduct mobile diary studies ‘ Understand how people use your product, brand or service by asking them to share their experience while they do it in real time

Stimulate brand engagement ‘ Understand which consumer segments scan QR codes, the source and location of these scans, and use the resulting data to help you develop and deploy more effective marketing campaigns

Conduct surveys with the added bonus of geo-validation ‘ Ask questions anytime, anywhere, and ensure that every answer is valid. Request a photo or video along with feedback for higher quality results

Measure ad awareness and exposure ‘ Embed images and videos to test ad concepts. Ask respondents to recall an advertisement upon check-in to a location. Track respondents, inviting them to take a survey if they have passed by a location that exposes them to a specific ad or outdoor board.

Get instant feedback after an event ‘ Learn what worked and what didn’t during a sponsored event. Use the QR code on the back of a concert or movie ticket, launch a survey following a trade show or in-store product demo.

Click here for more information.

About uSamp: uSamp, the Answer Network, is a premier provider of technology and survey respondents used to obtain consumer and business insights. uSamp’s solutions and SaaS platform transforms the way companies gain intelligence to make better, faster decisions about their products and services by tapping into uSamp’s 8 million global panel of survey respondents. Through uSamp’s proprietary technologies for self-serve survey authoring, self-survey sampling, and private-label panel management, companies have on-demand access to millions of profiled survey respondents. uSamp is based in Los Angeles, with five offices throughout the United States, Europe and India. uSamp ranked #11 in the 2011 Forbes America’s Most Promising Company List. For more information please visit www.usamp.com

Idea Gathering: Customer Experience News: “Holistic”

The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit provides both B2B and B2C case studies and translating these innovations and insights is a huge part of the value of the conference. Our unique idea gathering wrap-ups between sessions facilitate this translation and were one of our most highly rated features last year.

Here on the blog we’re doing a regular series of idea gathering wrap ups, pulling together some of our favorite stories on customer experience, customer experience design, and overall customer-centricity.

One of the biggest terms that we keep seeing as we perform research for the event in June is “holistic.” Organizations are increasingly interested in customer experience, but without a holistic solution that covers all aspects of customer experience, it will be difficult to increase long-term customer loyalty.

This recent post on “The Customer Experience Disconnect” highlights some of this data:

The Temkin Group found an “abundance of CX ambition and activity,” with most companies employing a customer experience executive (six out of 10 companies), launching significant customer experience activities, and having a staff of six to eight full-time employees focused on customer experience and 28 percent employ more than 20 people in this area. However, the survey found that despite having these customer experience components in place, only 7 percent are “very strong” at customer experience today and 35 percent of companies are in the lowest stage of customer experience maturity. And 59 percent of the respondents state that their company’s goal is to become the industry leader in customer experience within three years.

This week, let’s look at some expert views on building a holistic customer experience program:

In this Fast Company 30 second MBA video, Motorola Solutions CTO Paul Steinberg explains how to solve problems before users know they have them. As he says “it’s not about delivering quick fixes. It’s really about delivering a holistic solution to a problem.”

1to1media also wrote on “Taking a Holistic Approach to Building Customer Loyalty” this week, saying [customer experience] “initiatives tend to be owned by different departments, often siloed and disconnected from one another.

To realize the full potential of their loyalty endeavors, companies should link them to create one holistic program.” One tip that they recommend: Using data to centralize loyalty efforts.

In this post on “Why Brands Need to Go Post-Mobile” Jonathan Gardner, Director of Communications, Vibrant recommends “thinking broadly about consumer perceptions of your product, and communicating about them in a holistic way.” The impact of new technology can’t be ignored, and it may even be a way to make messaging more holistic. As this piece says, “technology forces businesses to deal with the experiences of their customers.”

Forbes also recommends that product marketers “make testing a key phase in their product life cycle.” This could apply to anyone interested in the holistic experience: do a small roll-out, test and learn and listen. And ideally, be nimble enough to change.

Of course, as we covered before: creating a customer centric culture from the inside out is also part of the transformation. What would you recommend to those looking to unify their customer experience management for a more holistic view?

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Mobile & Social Insights from #MegaMashup

In case you missed it, some of the Mobile Marketing Conference team headed back to Miami this week for the Millennial Mega Mashup event. Focused on understanding the mindset of the millennial, there was obviously a lot of talk about Mobile technology.

Some highlights and key takeaways from the event were:

Instagram has already passed the Web verb test. You know something is sticking around when you can use it as a verb, and the kids are into “instagramming.” Part of the “new-stalgia” trend, Instagram provides millennials with the ability to be nostalgic for a moment that never even truly existed.

Shazam! Social TV is here to stay. Rick Liebling, Creative Culturalist, Young & Rubicam spoke about the many ways brands can use new social apps to create a seamless advertising experience. A viewer may look away from the screen during a commercial, but they will be turning their eyes to their phones and using apps like GetGlue and Shazam you can incorporate this trend into your advertising strategy. Read a post by Rick on this topic on Mashable here.

The panel of older Millennials expressed a love hate relationship with technology, meanwhile the younger millennials in the live focus group called Facebook “boring” (despite not being legally old enough to use it!)

We also heard about ways that businesses are using social media to recruit Millennials and learned that “Generation Innovation” is putting aside traditional education and paths to success, saying you can now “Google how to be a CEO.

To read full event coverage visit megamashup.tumblr.com


Be Enlightened with The Market Research Event 2012!

Last year, The Market Research Event brought together over 175 Speakers, over 140 Best in Class Sessions,speakers from more than 17 countries challenging every participant to be enlightened on the state of market research. Speakers challenged attendees to bring value to the insights they presented with their market research data and to have an innovative mindset.

We at TMRE Challenge You to Be Enlightened:

This year, to continue all researchers that attend to be enlightened, Daniel Kahneman, Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology, Professor of Public Affairs Emeritus, Princeton University, Nobel Prize in Economics, Best-Selling Author, Thinking, Fast and Slow will be joining us to present “Marvels and Flaws of Intuitive Thinking.”  In this presentation, he will be focusing on the two modes of thinking: fast and slow.  While we are are aware of most of our decisions in the slow mode, the fast mode of thinking guides the majority of our days.  He is most well known for his contributions, with his late colleague Amos Tversky, to the psychology of judgment and decision making, which inspired the development of behavioral economics in general.

For more information on The Market Research Event 2012, sign up for email updates.  The Market Research Event will take place November 12-14, 2012 in Boca Raton, Florida.  If you’d like to register to join us today and mention code TMRE12BLOG to save $500 when you register before June 8! 

Creating Your Own Customer Experience Measurement Program

Customer experience design is one of the most powerful accelerants of business strategy a leader has. It provides one of the most compelling answers to the question: do we matter to our customers? And yet, far too many organizations leave too much on the table by failing to intentionally align people and strategy from the top down to ensure this happens.

At the Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit you will learn how to increase your organization’s relevance by creating an intentional customer experience that aligns your organization from the top down.

Featured Session: Summiting the Customer Experience Measurement – Anne-Marie Davidson, Senior Marketing Research Analyst, REI
Like many retailers, REI faces the challenge of becoming a more customer-centric organization, one that connects all aspects of the customer’s experience. For the last two years, REI has been developing a comprehensive customer measurement program, building from a blueprint, and including management interviews, qualitative and quantitative research, action planning, linkage and goal-setting. This presentation will describe that journey and provide attendees with a process for developing their own customer experience measurement program.

Download the brochure to see the full program.

Joining Anne-Marie at the event is an impressive line-up of customer experience professionals sharing their own real-life stories.
Hear from:
AAA NCNU, AARP, American Family Insurance, BMO Financial Group, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Burke, Inc., Citizens Financial Group, Dunkin’ Donuts, Experience Engineering, Feltz & Associates, LLC, Forrester, GfK Custom Research, GfK Customer Research, Hunter Douglas, Indiana University, Janet LeBlanc & Associates, JoAnna Brandi & Company, Inc., Maritz Research, Porter Airlines, Prophet, Rockwell Automation, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, The Hartford, Time Warner Cable and USAA.

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We look forward to seeing you this June in Boston!
The Total Customer Experience Leaders Event Team

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Who can you meet at The Audience Measurement Event this month?

With less than two weeks until The Audience Measurement Event, time is running out for you to register and reserve your spot at this high-caliber knowledge exchange. Focused on the business value AND actionability of understanding and translating consumer media consumption – The Audience Measurement Event is 100% practical in every way.    It will take place this May 21-23, 2012 in Chicago, IL.  If you’d like to join us, register today and mention code AM12BLOG and save 15% off the standard rate!

Who has already signed up to join us? Companies signed on to attend include:
A&E Television Networks * Acxiom * Arbitron * Ball State University * BET Networks * Bluefin Labs * Bowers & Wilkins * Bravo Media * Chadwick Martin Bailey * Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement * ConAgra Foods * Discovery Communications * Facebook * Foresight ROI * GfK MRI * GFK-Knowledge Networks * Golden Gate University * Google * Hearst Magazines * Innerscope Research * InsightExpress * Intel Corporation * Intuit * JetBlue * Kimberly Clark Corporation * Kraft Foods Inc * Management Science Associates * MediaNet * MindShare * Momentum Japan * Moveo * National Football League * NBC Universal * Omnicrom Research Group * Pandora * Publix Super Markets Inc * Razorfish * Rubinson Partners * Sanofi Aventis * Scripps Network * Spark Communication * Sprout * Starcom Mediavest * SymphonyIRI * The Allant Group * The Modellers * The Nielsen Company * TideWatch * Time Warner Cable * TiVo * Traffic Audit Bureau * Turner Broadcasting System * Univision * Wall Street Journal

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Customer Experience in Action: JetBlue, Doing It Right.

In this era of the more empowered customer, it seems we hear a lot of negative stories about customer experiences, but there are some companies out there that are taking customer feedback and truly rising to the challenge, providing a customer experience that delivers on brand promises on all levels, from digital to in-person.

Personally, working for one of the largest providers of trade conferences, expositions, and  networking experiences in America, I spend a lot of time traveling to different conferences. On my most recent trip I was sitting in the airport with a little time to kill and working on the upcoming Total Customer Experience Leader’s event, and I couldn’t help but think that my airline on that day, JetBlue, really has customer experience down to a science.

First, booking your trip and getting to the airport: JetBlue has a newly relaunched iPhone app (pictured above, right) and mobile website that provides both an easy way to book your flight and pertinent information for the day of your travel. The app provides local weather information, baggage policy, options for sending a friend directions for airport pickup or even help with looking up a local car service. You can even browse the DIRECTV?? offerings for your flight within the app. Now, there is one thing that’s missing here, mobile check-in ability, but overall it is a brilliant application that left me feeling delighted with the small touches.

Regarding the new mobile developments, Michael Stromer, vice president of customer connections at JetBlue, Forrest Hills, NY was quoted in this article as saying ‘The initial mission behind JetBlue is to bring humanity back to air travel, and we are trying to do that with these initiatives.’

Indeed, the brand has done a good job at maintaining this “human” touch off-line as well. When I sat in the airport lounge at JFK’s Terminal 5 to grab a snack, I was pleasantly surprised by a personal-feeling note (pictured left) from management OTG on the menu about their dedication to customer experience.

The trend continues at the gate as well, with clear signage showing flight status and destination weather. Ample seating and plenty of places to plug in complete the experience.

But perhaps it’s not how they are at their best that is telling of a company’s approach to customer experience, but instead how they react when faced with a challenge. Luckily or unluckily, I had the chance to experience that as well on this particular trip. As we were waiting at the gate, an announcement was made that the plane we had been assigned for the flight did not have functioning DIRECTV?? service. This was a disappointment to some travelers for sure, but by the next morning I had an email in my inbox from JetBlue apologizing for the incident and rewarding me with a loyalty credit. The email read:

“We’re sorry that DIRECTV?? service didn’t work during your flight’we know this is one of the many reasons our customers choose to fly with JetBlue. Please accept our sincere apologies and this flight credit for the inconvenience you recently experienced with us.”

I couldn’t help but think that this is how the “empowered customer” is expecting to be treated. Acknowledgement and an apology like that actually left me feeling better about the trip then if I had taken a neutral, expected flight.

Have you had lived through any customer experience success stories lately? E-mail me at mleblanc@iirusa.com if you’d like to publish one here as a guest blog.

Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at mleblanc@iirusa.com.

Digital News Roundup: What’s New? What’s Next?

One of our favorite pastimes around here is keeping an ear our for trends happening in the digital and social space. Inspired by our recent learnings at The Mobile Marketing conference and always eager to know what else is out there, let’s use this space to browse and share together throughout the year.

In the mobile space, Marketing Profs shared some findings from Sensis and White Horse (pictured left) on Hispanic use of mobile for “showrooming”

In fact, Mobile continues to grow with many audiences leading to innovative uses worldwide. This Springwise post highlights “Korea’s Waffle platform, which enables businesses to offer free internet access to customers who like them on Facebook.” as well as a WiFi portal that rewards responsible dog walkers. It may sound silly, but it is further evidence of a trend away from “the web” being a destination towards the internet being always all around us.

This piece in Forbes claimed “We will never have Web 3.0, because the Web’s dead.” warning that web giants will “will have all the money in the world to try and adapt to the shift to mobile but history suggests they won’t be able to successfully do it.”

Weather they will be successful is still up in the air, but they certainly seem to be making a go of it. Chief Facebook Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg recently stated ‘Mobile is a key area of growth for Facebook,’ and new mobile search ad improvements recently announced for Google.

Facebook is deeply embedded in other trends right now as well. Most recently, a trend towards bridging online and offline for retailers. One Brazilian retailer is displaying “likes” in real-time and other stores are allowing users to give away free gift cards to friends in exchange for Facebook attention. Additionally, the impact of their recent decision to purchase Instagram has yet to be fully understood, but chances are it will pay off.

Meanwhile we would be remiss not to mention that the other social network, LinkedIn, is having a bit of a moment right now. The site “rose to the highest price since its market debut after reporting first-quarter sales and profit that beat analysts’ estimates amid a jump in membership” and purchased SlideShare as well. Given this news, it doesn’t appear that any of our current web giants are going to be out for the count anytime soon, but we’ll be curious to see how these trends play out.

Have you noticed any digital marketing trends lately, share with us in the comments!

Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at mleblanc@iirusa.com 

Idea Gathering: Customer Experience Starts with You

The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit provides both B2B and B2C case studies and translating these innovations and insights is a huge part of the value of the conference. Our unique idea gathering wrap-ups between sessions facilitate this translation and were one of our most highly rated features last year.

Here on the blog we’re doing a regular series of idea gathering wrap ups, pulling together some of our favorite stories on customer experience, customer experience design, and overall customer-centricity.

This week, we chatted with TCEL speaker Janet LeBlanc, President, JANET LEBLANC + ASSOCIATES about creating a customer-centric culture. On that note, let’s look at some of the ways to develop that culture and the effects that doing so can have.

This post on the Experience Required’ blog suggested that the The CEO’s role in changing culture starts with taking three steps: #1. Be visible.
#2. Give feedback regularly.
#3. Demonstrate quick wins.

This piece on “The Rateocracy” (which calls back to last week’s focus on the more empowered customer) advises: “The CEO of the future will need to work harder to align the corporation, its employees, and stakeholders around a shared vision.”

Forbes recently posted “Why the Megalomaniac in the Corner Office Isn’t Doing Your Company Any Favors” discussing this topic as well. The article cites “(Lack of) Open Culture” as a major downfall for organizations and posits “a way to run a better business is by enabling a wealth of executives to make business critical decisions and empowering them to act and react around the globe.”

CMS wire agrees, writing “Almost every company across America says the same hackneyed cliche: Our people are our strongest asset. Almost every company in America is not doing what’s necessary to make their employees believe that their employers actually believe this.”

Based on all of these sources it’s clear: customer experience starts at home. Look at your employee’s experiences and the culture they are working in and think “How does this align with our customer experience strategy?”

Have you ever made an effort to change corporate culture from within? Share your successes and challenges in our comments section.

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