Teens and Social Media: Where are they going?

Facebook has been the go-to social media site of the past eight years. But recent research shows from Microsoft Research shows that teens are gravitating from Facebook and using social media with apps specially made for SmartPhones is their new destination.  Tumblr, Twitter and text messaging is the popular destination now of those who turn 13.  But studies show that they’re still using Facebook and 93% do have accounts.  The article at the LA Times also mentions that three out of every four moms who went online in March did visit Facebook.

At The Market Research Event 2012, we’ll have a track dedicated to social media listening looking at how you can listen to you audience online.  As the younger generation has so fully integrated technology into their lives, brands should discover how teens are communicating their brands online.  For more on TMRE 2012, download the brochure here. As a reader of this blog, save $500 off the standard rate when you register before June 5 and mention code TMRE12BLOG!

What what does this mean for the social media giant and it’s next few years? Do you think that the younger generation gravitating away from the site has to do with it’s personalization and and a view of invasion of privacy from their parents?  What does this mean for the future of Facebook?