Official Call for Presenters Now Open: World Future Trends Summit

World Future Trends Summit
Event Date: October, 2012
Location: Miami, FL


The Institute for International Research (IIR) presents:
World Future Trends Summit
A meeting of Styles: Where West Influences East, & East Influences West
October, 2012

Due to the high volume of submissions, we suggest you submit your proposal early and no later than Friday, May 4, 2012 to Stacy Levyn, Conference Producer at or 646.895.7335.

It’s time to create a place where thought leaders and influencers come together and share insights from around the world. It’s time we break silos. It is time we take full advantage of the interconnectedness that is our world.

Welcome to the REVIVAL of Future Trends. Welcome to the World Future Trends Summit. Focusing on a meeting of styles: where west influences east & east influences west. The summit will consist of US and International content, recruiting speakers from the US, Brazil, Holland, China, Seoul Korea, Amsterdam, Australia, and other emerging countries.

A whole new format for a whole new event.

Day 1 – Business Cases
Day 1 of the World Future Trend Summit focuses on short 25-minute business case presentations from market research, insights, innovation, trends, design, marketing and product development executives. These cases present a realistic view of trends in action and reveal projects that worked, ones that didn’t, and what was learned along the way.

Day 2&3 – Global Keynotes
High-level Keynotes hit the stage to talk about the newest worldwide trends, insights and innovations.

Day 2&3 – Workshops
We have structured unique workshops with key advisors who are prepared to teach you the fundamental elements behind trend implementation and application. From rapid prototyping, to scenario testing and trend trekking we bring you the best in trend analysis and exploration.

The Audience
Attendees are passionate and ready to embrace opportunities. Join together with a community of trend spotters, corporate thinkers, marketers and news makers ready to embrace their future. So who will you meet? Executives responsible for:
‘ Marketing
‘ Brand/Product Management
‘ Market Research
‘ Consumer Insights
‘ Strategic Planning
‘ Business Development
‘ Product Development
‘ Innovation
‘ Design/Creativity
‘ Forecasting
‘ Future Strategy
‘ Trend Tracking

Speakers receive FREE admission to the conference.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities
If you are interested in sponsorship or exhibit opportunities please contact Jon Saxe, Business Development Manager at or 646.895.7467.

Interested in Becoming a Media Partner?
Contact Sharon Tzuang, Marketing Manager, at

Call for Presenters:
For consideration, please email with the following information by Friday, May 4, 2012.
‘ Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s)
‘ Contact information including address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail
‘ Talk title
‘ The main theme you plan to address (Business Case, Workshop or Keynote)
‘ Summary of the presentation (3-5 sentences)
‘ Please indicate what is NEW about the presentation
‘ Previous conference experience

Due to the high volume of responses, we are unable to respond to each submission. All those selected to participate as speakers will be notified shortly after the deadline.

Thank you for your interest in the World Future Trends Summit. We look forward to receiving your proposal!

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Idea Gathering: Customer Experience News: Smart Customers & Successful Companies

The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit provides both B2B and B2C case studies and translating these innovations and insights is a huge part of the value of the conference. Our unique idea gathering wrap-ups between sessions facilitate this translation and were one of our most highly rated features last year.

Here on the blog we’re doing a regular series of idea gathering wrap ups, pulling together some of our favorite stories on customer experience, customer experience design, and overall customer-centricity. Share with us in the comments to add your thoughts!

The 2012 North American Brand Performance Study by Forrester has given brands some very compelling, perhaps even scary, information. Customers are smart, more empowered then ever, and they seek innovation, trustworthiness, and convenience from brands more vocally as a result.

Inspired by the study, Sheridan Orr traces the customer journey way, way back in Retail Customer Experience with “Infographic: The evolution of customer experience.” This interesting history starts with the rise of vending machines and traces the customer up to the modern day, where increasingly in each step the customer can customize and practice self-service, but in return expects smart and innovative responses.

While comparing the struggles of Kodak with the recent success of Instagram, Michael Hinshaw, Customer experience innovation strategist and co-author, ‘Smart Customers, Stupid Companies’ wrote in the Huffington Post “Your customers’ changing expectations have forever shifted the ways they expect to be treated.”

 Forbes called out “Trust, Consistency, and Loyalty” as the “Three Attributes Of Enormously Successful Companies” saying “Self-awareness can be good for the soul; it is excellent for the company’s bottom line.” When was the last time you asked yourself if your company was walking the walk?

So: Customer Experience Is Now a Strategic Priority. What does this mean? If you know your company is not providing a consistent customer experience, what can you do? These 5 Traits of Great Customer Service by Total Customer Experience Leaders Guest Blogger Flavio Martins are a good place to start. (We, of course, also recommend attending the conference.)

One thing’s for sure, when you do gain a customer’s loyalty it is a powerful thing. A recent study amazingly showed that “73% of travelers would choose loyalty-program benefits over a spouse if they could take just one on the road.’

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One month since TMMC: Do You Know Where Your Mobile Strategy Is?

It’s been more than a month since we returned from The Mobile Marketing Conference and we wanted to check in on what you’ve been up to.

 Have you made sure all of your email marketing strategies are mobile optimized? Launched a new app or QR code campaign?

Share with us in the comments or email to submit a guest blog post about your strategy steps.


Meanwhile, the mobile world rolls on. Rumors of the next iPhone started spreading across the web, with major buzz pointing to “iWallet” a bigger, better display and better battery life. Gigaom named 2012 “The year mobile advertising starts to pay off” citing the increased viability of new targeting technologies and the growing importance of mobile to the customer on the go.

In keeping with what we heard at TMMC, many are turning to the emerging world as the next mobile market. This infographic spells it out nicely. Here in the US, marketers should continue to take into account the power of the “second screen.” HBO’s new show “Girls” debuted with roughly “one in every five viewers on… [a] computer or mobile device talking about it.” Many were even able to take in the live concert experience on their screen with Coachella streaming live.

What’s new in your mobile world? Let us know.

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Sweaters for Chameleons: How I’ll get the most from The Market Research Technology Event.

Today’s guest post is from Kelley Styring. Styring is principal of InsightFarm Inc. a market research and consumer strategy consulting firm. She has led insights for Procter & Gamble, Pepsico, Black & Decker and NASA prior to founding her own firm in 2003. Kelley is a published author and has been featured in USA Today, ABC News, Good Morning America, Brandweek, Fortune, Quirk’s Marketing Research and The Market Research Daily Report from RFL Online.  She will be live blogging from TMRTE in next week in Las Vegas, April 30-May 2, 2012.
For more information on TMRTE, visit the webpage.  If you’d like to join us, as a reader of this blog when you register and mention code MRTECH12BLOG, you’ll save 15% off the standard rate!
Sweaters for Chameleons:  How I’ll get the most from The Market Research Technology Event.

That ancient art of weaving is based on a simple principle of physics. The warp and weft of the weave create a tensile strength in whole cloth that exceeds that of fragile threads. I’ve been thinking about this as I ponder how to better integrate innovative technologies into my market research consulting practice.

I’m as intrigued as anyone else about new things – exciting shiny widgets offered by technology to build deeper, broader understanding. Scraping, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, etc. In fact technology is moving so fast and impacting our industry so much that I often feel I’m knitting a sweater from floating bits of dryer lint and not thoughtful threads, snatching one then another out of the air and pushing them into the system. While it may be an interesting looking sweater it’s certainly not strong enough to be useful. And that’s the problem.

There’s a real temptation to attend an exciting conference like The Market Research Technology Event and collect a satchel full of shiny new widgets – single function solutions that are cool and eye-catching but stand alone without integration to existing ways of doing business. I find this to be the key barrier to bringing innovation solutions to my clients – that adoption often means a step change rather than a slide into solutions that expand existing capabilities.

So I’ve decided to attend this conference as a chameleon. No – not blending into the background. I can do that my wearing black to an agency meeting in New York. I’m thinking more about how a chameleon sees. Its two eyes operate independently, each looking a different direction. So, while I know my eye will be drawn to clever, new, standalone technology solutions that will also pique my client interest – I will be consciously looking for ways to augment or enhance the existing approaches that my clients are comfortable with – so that I have a better chance of near-term client acceptance and increase my engagement rates. I’ve built a worksheet to help me with this. It’s a simple grid with space for new technologies I’ll see at the conference along one axis and existing market research applications along the other. For every new technology I add, I will then force myself to think of ways to also integrate it into existing techniques or approaches to market research. That way, I can see beyond the shiny new technique and have a better shot with my clients.

SEE LIKE A CHAMELEON YOURSELF: I’ll be blogging “live” from the event, so look for me in the back of the room. Come by, say hello, and I’ll give you a copy (Or you can download it here) of the worksheet so you can try it yourself. Looking forward to the conference!

Engage Employees & Embed Customer Experience in Your Business

Delivering great customer experiences begins with embedding customer experience within your organization and fostering a customer focused culture. Hear more on establishing a customer experience culture in your organization when Kelly Harper, Director, Brand & Customer Experience at BMO Financial Group delivers her keynote presentation:

How to Embed a Culture of Customer Experience in Your Organization

This case study presentation provides an overview of the BMO Customer Experience Journey; how BMO defines customer experience; and shares how BMO organizes itself around Customer-Experience, highlights key programs developed to engage employees and embed customer experience in day-to-day business activities and processes.

No matter where the accountability of “customer value” lives in your organization, customer centricity is a real leadership issue and one that takes priority especially today. The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit tackles this issue head on. Our customer experience leaders will redefine customer centricity and explain what this means for you, your brand and your business.

Joining Kelly at the event is an impressive line-up of customer experience professionals sharing their own real-life stories.
Hear from: 
AAA NCNU, AARP, American Family Insurance, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Burke, Inc., Citizens Financial Group, Dunkin’ Donuts, Experience Engineering, Feltz & Associates, LLC, Forrester, GfK Custom Research, GfK Customer Research, Hunter Douglas, Inc., Indiana University, Janet LeBlanc & Associates, JoAnna Brandi & Company, Inc., Maritz Research, Porter Airlines, Prophet, REI, Rockwell Automation, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, The Hartford, Time Warner Cable and USAA.

Download the brochure to see the full program.

As a reader of our blog, we’d like to offer you a 15% off the standard registration rates, use code TCEL12BLOG to save. Visit the webpage to register today.

We look forward to seeing you this June in Boston!
The Total Customer Experience Leaders Event Team

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The Market Research Technology Event Presents: Entrepreneur Tech-Off

The Market Research Technology Event is bringing you the brightest and most innovative minds in market research for a head-to-head competition. Join us as we moderate a Tech-Off of the bleeding edge entrepreneurs and find out what technologies and tools are being created to better understand consumer behavior.  The competition will take place next Wednesday, May 2, in Las Vegas.  For more information on The Market Research Technology Event, visit the webpage to download the brochure.  If you’d like to join us at TMRTE, register today and mention code MRTECH12BLOG and save 15% off the standard rate!

Announcing the Competition:

When a group of passionate, hard-working, and ambitious people come together, beautiful things happen. We founded Pinerly because using Pinterest gave us a huge boost in traffic (at some point over 30%) and we wanted to empower brands and users by helping them do the same. The team takes criticism positively (so reach out), loves to learn (so challenge us!), and acknowledges that our goal is to create products that we are proud of and love. We are always within reach and available to help.

Roozt let’s you discover the dopest, trendsetting, cause-oriented brands all under one roof. That means no more scouring blogs, facebook walls, or google searches to find that fav new brand that’s helping save the world with their business. Our experienced team of caffeinated, motivated, and inspirated curators (ok, so maybe inspirated isn’t a real word but it rhymed so just go with it) do the hard work for you! We’ve found the coolest companies that you need to know about and put them all into one simple, fun, and rewarding (literally and figuratively) shopping experience. Just by the click of a button you can discover a new favorite brand, learn about their impact, shop from their products, and earn rewards by sharing with your friends.


Consumers are constantly inundated by different brands trying to claim their attention. In the digital world, you can’t wait for customers to find you – you have to find them. Insightpool allows you to initiate your customer acquisition lifecycle by pinpointing those that could be most receptive and engaging with them in the most personalized manner. Let us help you raise awareness and build your customer base by converting your competitor’s customers.

Who will win the great tech war of 2012 and become the next Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare? Join this panel to weigh in your vote!

Total Customer Experience Leaders Spotlight: David Blair of Rockwell Automation

In 2011, we interviewed David Blair, Director, Customer Experience,Rockwell Automation in advance of the 2011 Total Customer Experience Leader’s Summit. David will be returning to the event in 2012 as our conference chair. Let’s take a look back at some of his thoughts from last year:

TCEL: Tell us about a project you are working on or recently completed that you are proud of?

DB: We’ve just completed a new event-based survey that allows us to get feedback on our PROJECT business. The survey is very different from our annual customer survey in that it focuses on the individual project ‘ from proposal through design through start-up. The goal is to both ensure a successful project, and get actionable feedback on our performance.

TCEL: What do you think is the key to a successful Customer Experience program?

DB: Senior Management support. Improving customer experience can’t be done from the bottom up. Moving the needle takes hard work and real commitment. And that comes by senior management talking about customer experience, defining performance goals, linking performance to compensation, prioritizing customer experience expenditures, and taking a personal interest in improvement projects.

TCEL: What inspired you to get in the field? What keeps you motivated?

DB: Motivation is easy. In our company, the Customer Experience Office is not just the messenger for conveying customer feedback – we’re also responsible for driving improvements. So knowing the next customer survey is right around the corner, and I’ll be the one walking through results with the CEO, I’m constantly motivated to drive feedback into actions that will improve our Customer Experience scores. I got into the field primarily because it allowed me to leverage my diverse background (sales, marketing, quality, product development) and interpersonal skills to make some real differences.

TCEL: What is one thing you’re excited about for this year’s Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit?

DB: Meeting peers. In our field, we rarely get a chance to share our approaches, successes and failures with peers. Books and consultants are helpful, but there’s really no substitute for an in-depth understanding of how other companies approach customer experience. There’s no one right way, and the approaches vary widely. My goal is to gather ideas that will form the basis for a strategy that elevates our own program to the next level, and likewise I hope I can offer ideas to help others advance.

TCEL: What is one question you are looking to get answered at this year’s Summit?

DB: My question: How do you keep the vitality in your customer experience program? It strikes me that no matter how good the research is, and how well it’s presented, the enthusiasm naturally diminishes over time.

About Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation, Inc., the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., Rockwell Automation employs about 21,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.

To hear more from our Customer Experience Experts, visit our resource page for a full catalog of interviews, or join us June 6th-8th in Boston.   As a reader of our blog we’d like to offer you a 15% off the standard registration rates, use code TCEL12BLOG to save. Register for the event here.

Inside Facebook’s Research Playbook

Social Media Juggernaut’s Research Function Is Fresh and Fluid
 By Marc Dresner, IIR

 It’s the definitive social medium. With approx. 850 million total users (about 480 million daily), for many of us Facebook is a fundamental part of everyday life. And it’s up to Sheila Normile, a research and insights principal, to understand how and why we use it, and how to improve that experience. As you might expect from a company like Facebook, Normile’s research organization is a bit less conventional than what you’ll typical find at a large corporation. ‘Facebook is a really entrepreneurial and risk tolerant sort of place and it certainly extends to the research organization,’ Normile told The Research Insighter. ‘It’s funny because you often don’t think of research and risk in the same mindset or in the same breath, but we really embrace that idea of taking risks on our team.’ In fact, not only isn’t there a research playbook at Facebook, but the organization is so fluid that projects can happen on the fly, based on a conversation in a hallway or an issue Normile or one of her colleagues just stumbles upon. In this interview with The Research Insighter’, we’ll go inside Facebook’s research organization and have a look at what makes it tick.

Listen to the interview! 

Download a transcript! 

Editor’s note: If you would like to hear more about consumer insights at Facebook, Sheila Normile will be speaking at The Market Research Technology Event April 30-May 2 in Las Vegas. For information or to register, the webpage.

As a reader of this blog, when you register to join us, mention code MRTECH12BLOG and save 10% off the standard rate! ABOUT THE AUTHOR/INTERVIEWER Marc Dresner is an IIR USA communication lead specializing in audience engagement. He is the former executive editor of Research Business Report, a confidential newsletter for the market research industry. He may be reached at Follow him @mdrezz.

20|20 Research President Steps Down to Launch Marketing Consulting Firm

FRANKLIN, TN, April 23, 2012 ‘ Steve Henke, President of Nashville-based 20|20 Research, and long time attendee of The Market Research Event, announced today that he has resigned from the firm to launch Harpeth Marketing, a consulting firm serving exclusively the market research industry. Harpeth Marketing will work with its clients to create and then execute marketing & sales plans that help grow revenue.

According to Henke, ‘We had great success at 20|20, tripling the revenues of the firm during my six years there. Harpeth Marketing gives me the opportunity to combine my industry experiences from 20|20 with a 25-year marketing and sales career. The target market for our services is firms with at least one marketing or business development person on board’ someone we can work with during the execution phase of the plan.’

‘In addition, we wanted to create a different kind of consulting firm’ and we did. For one, we focus on the ‘process’ of marketing and sales. Twenty years ago, marketing was all about mass media advertising and direct mail’ then along with the internet came banner ads and email marketing’ and now it’s social media and mobile marketing. Who knows what’s next? But with a thorough understanding of how the marketing process works, you can be successful no matter what comes along.’

Henke continued, ‘We’re also ‘educators.’ We work side-by-side with our clients to show them how we do what we do, so that they can learn to do it all themselves. There are no secrets. We help them to create a sustainable marketing & sales program so that they can continue to be successful long after our engagement with them is over.’

ABOUT HARPERH MARKETING ‘ Harpeth Marketing works with firms in the market research industry and their marketing personnel to help them create and utilize clear, functional marketing & sales plans for improved outcomes and increased revenues. They do this though a process-based program of consulting, coaching and accountability. For more information about Harpeth Marketing, visit or contact Steve Henke, President at (615) 415-3980 or

Who can you meet at The Market Research Technology Event in two weeks?

In just two weeks, future-focused market researchers will unite to take part in the industry’s event on technology and innovation in research – The Market Research Technology Event.  TMRTE will take place April 30-May 2, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV.

Why do you need to be there?

The Market Research Technology Event…

  • ‘ Covers what matters most to market researchers – where the industry is headed in the future. Stan Sthanunathan, VP, Marketing Strategy & Insights at Coca-Cola (and keynote at TMRTE) was quoted, “the market research industry will not exist in its current form by 2020. Even by 2013 significant, clear signs of evolution will appear… Don’t get left behind – stay on the cutting edge at TMRTE. (Read the exclusive TMRTE Podcast with Sthanunathan!)
  • ‘ Focuses all the hottest topics that market researchers like yourself are facing – from marketplace intelligence to social media, mobile, CRM, research innovation, text analytics, data mining and more. View the agenda for full details.
  • ‘ Has gone digital! From online documentation and mobile evaluations, to our brand new Skype Entrepreneur Panel and our TMRTE Connect networking community, we’re doing everything we can to embrace technology.
  • ‘ Is bringing the industry change makers to the stage. From Stan Sthanunathan to Dr. A.K. Pradeep (last year’s highest rated speaker!), Dan Ariely, Christopher Frank, Paul Navratil, Michael Tchong, Jane McGonigal and more. Click here for the full speaker list.

For more on TMRTE 2012, download the complete agenda.  Also, as a reader of this blog, don’t foget you will receive a discount of 15% off the standard rate when you register to join us today and mention code MRTECH12BLOG.

Plus, don’t miss your chance to network and learn from the following companies already signed on to attend:

3M * Abbott Laboratories * Accenture Management Consulting * ACS, a Xerox Company * Active Network * Affinova * Airline Reporting Corporation * American Cancer Society * American Express * Anderson Analytics * Animation Dynamics Inc. * Automobile Club of Southern California * Bain & Company * Bath & Body Works * Bayer Healthcare * Bellomy Research * BP America Inc. * Brainjuicer * Brand360 * Brown Brothers Harriman & Co * Burke * C+R Research * Caesars Entertainment * Campbell Soup Company * Canon USA * Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maryland * Chrysler Group LLC * CMI * Coca Cola Company * Colgate Palmolive * Confirmit * Connected * Consumer Truth Ltd * Convergys Corporation * CreaMetrix * Decision Analyst Inc. * Del Monte * Doyle Research * Dub * Duke University * dunnhumbyUSA* eRewards Market Research * EEDAR * Eki Communications * Facebook * Foiled Inc. * Forrester Research * Foundational Insights LLC * Gadd Research Inc. * General Mills Inc. * Georillas Location Based Marketing * GfK * GlaxoSmithKline * Gongos Research * Google * Greenbook * Hewlett Packard * Highmark BCBS * Hilton Hotels Corporation * Honda R&D Americas * IBM * iModerate * InCrowd LLC * Information Tools Ltd * Inforsurv * InfoTools * Insight Marketing Systems * Insights in Marketing * Institute for the Future * Intel Corporation * Intendis Inc. * Intuit * Itracks International Inc. * Johnson & Johnson * Kimberly Clark Corporation * KL Communications Inc. * Klout * KS&R * Lieberman Research Worldwide * Maritz Inc. * Market Strategies International * Marketing Analysts * Marriott International Inc. * QuestBack * Radius Global Market Research * Ramius Corporation * RapLeaf * Research Now * Resource Systems Group * Retargeter * Mattell Inc. * MeadWestVaco * MERCASID * MetLife * * Microsoft * Monster * Morpace Inc. * Motista * MSW Research Inc. * National Fire Protection Association * National Rural Electric Cooperative Assn * NBC Universal * Neurofocus Inc. * Nokia * Norstat * NTS Ellit * Openet * Paradigm Sample * Perception Research Services * Planet S.A. * Principal Financial Group * Procter & Gamble * Productive Access * Prophet Brand Strategy * Qualvu * San Diego Gas & Electric * Simstore International * Socratic Technologies * Spych Market Analytics * SSI * Strategence * Strottman International * SurveyWriter Inc. * Texas Advanced Computing Center * The Nielsen Company * Tobii Technology Inc. * Toluna * Toyota Financial Services * Travelers Insurance * Triniti Marketing Ltd * Unicharm * Universal Music Group * uSamp * Vision Critical * Wizards of the Coast * Ypulse * ZS Associates * Zynga