How is GE using data visualization?

Data comes in streams, often in raw numbers.  In that state, most of the time they are too much for the human brain to comprehend.  GE has been creating data visualizations for years for other companies, but when they turned their technology into their own company, they found an abundant amount of possibilities.  They started off by measuring the power production of the production of their power turbines and their productivity over a two week period.

According to Fast Company, by gathering the data from their machine and then putting it into a 3D info-graphic, they were able to compare and monitor the productivity of their machines. Capabilities like this would allow them to monitor the products long term, possibly even helping them realize when a breakdown was imminent, and being proactive and fixing the machine ahead of time instead of being reactive to a broken machine.

Market research is much the same. So much data is collected with new technology. What’s the best way for all of it to be used? One way is visualization, picturing the data collected by respondents to show to pick up on unknown trends that could be emerging in the market place.

This April at The Market Research Technology Event, Paul A. Navr??til, Ph.D.,  the Manager of Visualization Software, Texas Advanced Computing Center will be presenting “Sailing the Data Deluge ‘ Advanced Computing for Information Visualization and Analysis.”  In his presentation, he will be looking at how the Texas Advanced Computing Center is doing just what GE is – monitoring the patterns produced by data from epidemics to crop yielding.  For more information on this session and the rest of the event, download the brochure here.  And if you’d like to join us, register today mentioning code MRTECH12BLOG and receive a 15% discount off the standard rate!

What can data visualization do for market research?