Weathering The Cross-Platform Conundrum

Happy Leap Day! It may be nearly March, but here at the Digital Impact Blog headquarters in NY we’re looking at a possible “powerful winter storm” after 57 degree temperatures earlier this month. This crazy winter has had me turning to my Weather Channel app more than once, and I’m not alone.

According to TMMC media partner MobiThinking: “With 33 million unique monthly users on and 20 million app downloads on both Android and iPhone, The Weather Channel is one of the top mobile destinations in the US.”

But it’s not just valuable information alone that makes The Weather Channel a favorite. The Weather Channel is also able to develop innovative mobile advertising campaigns for their ad partners as different users access the app from different devices. Customization to this level provides a valuable service for advertisers and users alike. Scott Jensen of Weather Channel spoke with MobiThinking about their cross-platform strategies in the interview below:

For more from Scott M. Jensen, Vice President, Digital Products/Apps, The Weather Channel, join us at The Mobile Marketing Conference. Scott will be presenting “Developing Brand Appropriate Multi-Screen (or Cross-Platform) Strategies” in our Strategy track on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012.

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The Audience Measurement Event Session Spotlight: How Mobile is Changing Psychology, Sociology and the Way Consumers Behave

Social, digital and mobile are not merely touch points, they are lifestyles. Understanding consumers’ media and the question over what should be measured ‘ i.e., ‘new KPIs’ are at the top of every agency, brand and career researcher and have never been more important than they are today. Borrowing best practices from The Market Research Event and our Shopper Insights in Action event, The Audience Measurement Event focuses on the business value and actionability of understanding and translating consumer media consumption.  Today’s session spotlight is on focuses on exactly this.  If you’d like to join Pat Dermody at The Audience Measurement Event, as a reader of this blog when you register and mention code AM12BLOG, you’ll receive a discount of 15% off the standard rate!

Featured Session: How Mobile is Changing Psychology, Sociology and the Way Consumers Behave

Featured Speaker: Pat Dermody, VP, Digital Media and Social Media, SEARS HOLDING

About the session: Mobile is now part of everyday life for Americans. It has fundamentally changed the way we get our news, stay current, shop and engage with others. With this one device, you can now access audio and video files, surf the Internet and connect in the social sphere. This session will examine how mobile has changed the game in how consumers interact with media and their preferences while using the mobile device.

Passport Please! Best Practices in Executing Online Research in Emerging Markets – Complimentary Webinar

In association with EMI, The Institute for International Research invites you to join us for a one hour complimentary Web Seminar.

Passport Please! Best Practices in Executing Online Research in Emerging Markets
Wednesday, March 7, 2012
1:00PM – 2:00PM Eastern Time

‘ Jason Scott, Senior Vice President, EMI Online Research Solutions

‘ Aaron Walton, Vice President, Client Services, EMI Online Research

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:
Please mention priority code: MWJ0017-BLOG

With the US economy continuing to lag, many companies are banking on growth to come from emerging markets and other global hotspots and are relying on consumer insights teams to help spearhead the charge. Many of these global initiatives are being managed from US teams with little knowledge themselves of how to apply research best practices within markets very different from our own.

This webinar reveals specific centers of new online research growth including APAC, Latin America, Russia, Turkey, and the Middle East. While most online research is doable, not all is done well. We take a market by market look at works well and not so well when attempting to execute online research in these ever more popular geographies.

You will walk away from this webinar with the following key learnings:
‘ Targeting Available
‘ Panelist Counts
‘ Cost Expectations
‘ Cultural Implications
‘ Best Practices

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

Sponsored by:

EMI is a solutions expert for online market research. In the world of online sample, we work without the bias of having our own panel, and rather aggregate a network of panels with our clients in mind. This bias and advocacy to our client’s needs rather than our own panel, ensure that clients get the best and correct sample for any particular study or target without competing interest.

Our clients mix from Top 50 market research firms, advertising groups, polling companies, and research branches of end clients. EMI delivers on commitments to its clients with an access and breadth of targeting that is unparallel in the industry.

What’s your Digital IQ?

Think tank for digital innovation L2 is predicting that, amongst other digital trends, mobile and iPad commerce will triple in 2012. In this blog post, they cite the facts that “For the first time ever, global shipments of smart phones and tablets exceed shipments of PCs. And this past December, Americans averaged 22 more minutes a day with mobile apps than browsing the web” as key indicators of this trend.

Other predictions include the growth of social platforms Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram and Facebook finally achieving status as a key traffic driver as more prestige brands build their presence on the site. So what’s your brand’s digital IQ? Will your marketing plans take these predictions into consideration in 2012?

Professor Scott Galloway, author of the Digital IQ Index?? which provides brands with a benchmark to measure digital competence against peers, will be speaking on the move towards mobile and on ranking and evaluating the business world’s iconic brands’ digital footprint this March at The Mobile Marketing Conference. Scott will also discuss how digital is reshaping business and how best practices can guide a managers decision making (i.e. what do I do next?).

For a sneak peek at Scott’s upcoming presentation topic, watch this video from L2 detailing their 5 boldest digital brand predictions for 2012 and start to measure your own Digital IQ.

For more from Professor Scott Galloway on how:
 ‘ Corporations are lagging the consumer, not investing in platforms that consumers are
flocking to;
‘ Digital competence will be the primary differentiator between firms that increase their
stakeholder value, vs. those that leak value; and
‘ We will look back on this era as the ‘salad days,’ an exceptional time to build communities
on emerging platforms and exploit new technologies

Join us for his session “Digital IQ & Shareholder Value” at The Mobile Marketing Conference. Save 15% when you register with code TMMC12DIGITAL here.

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Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at 

Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit 2012 Agenda Released

We’re proud to announce the 2nd Annual Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit 2012, taking place June 6-8, 2012 in Boston, MA.

For 2012, the Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit is about breaking silos. It’s about joining together diverse industry leaders to share genuine insights and best practices for designing an integrated experience with measurable impact. Download the conference brochure.

No matter where the accountability of “customer value” lives in your organization, customer centricity is a real leadership issue and one that takes priority especially today.
2012 Keynote Speakers Include:
 ‘ Kelly Harper, Director, Brand & Customer Experience, BMO FINANCIAL GROUP
‘ Mathew Valenti, Ph.D., Director, Global Market Research, STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS WORLDWIDE ONE STARPOINT
‘ Scott Hudler, Vice President – Global Consumer Engagement, DUNKIN’ DONUTS
‘ Todd Walthall, Senior Vice President, Channel Management, USAA
‘ Robert Deluce, President & CEO, PORTER AIRLINES
 ‘ And more! Download the brochure for the complete speaker line-up and full conference agenda.

Key Focus Areas Include:
‘ Customer Experience Design: See how VOC data and design principles can be used to engineer experiences across your organization.
‘ Measurement & Feedback: Drive change and optimize your sales force by measuring customer feedback through the entire customer experience.
‘ Strategy: Interpret, analyze and evaluate your customer strategy to ensure business relevance.
‘ Alignment: Integrate and leverage your customer touchpoints – measurement & ROI, linkage, VOC, technology, design principles, operational metrics, and senior leadership – to structure a successful and meaningful program.

As a reader of our blog, we’d like to offer you a 15% off the standard registration rates, use code TCEL12BLOG to save. Register today.

We look forward to seeing you this June in Boston!
The Total Customer Experience Leaders Event Team

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Customers share their needs before they know it

Many of the conversations surrounding market research technology is how much data we’re collecting, but often times, there’s a huge opportunity to predict what the consumers want from their products before they even know it. In a recent article at Fast Company, Scott Anthony shares how companies went into the lives of consumers, and by just observing their everyday behavior, they found hidden needs that the consumers didn’t even know they had. Proctor and Gamble came up with the concept for Swiffer after they saw how a consumer didn’t have an easy way to pick up coffee grounds that feel on the floor while making coffee.  It is through truly understanding the consumer and how they use products that can lead to a successful product that can fill needs of the consumer.  Read the entire Fast Company article here.

So how can companies use this?  At The Market Research Technology Event, Dan Ariely, Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics at Duke and Author, Predictably Irrational will be on hand to present “The Hidden Forces that Shape our DecisionsWho Put the Monkey in the Driver’s Seat,” which will examine the how consumers everyday behavior affects the decisions they make.  Many of the behaviors researchers observe often have to   For more information on this presentation and the rest of the event, download the brochure here.  If you’d like to join us April 30-May 2, 2012 in Las Vegas for the event, register today and mention code MTECH12BLOG and save 15% off the standard rate!

How important is it to spend time with your consumers to collect data?  Or do you always rely on surveys?

This Week in Digital Marketing: Mobile Madness

Going forward in 2012 we’d like to provide you with occasional roundups of some of our favorite finds. We’re now only 3 weeks out from The Mobile Marketing Conference and it’s fair to say that Mobile is on our minds, here are our favorite links from this week:

Forrester told us that “Employees Use Multiple Gadgets For Work ‘ And Choose Much Of The Tech Themselves” noting that “About 25% are mobile devices, not PCs.”(To hear more about Forrester Research join Melissa Parrish, Senior Analyst, for “Choosing a Partner for Mobile Marketing Strategic Services” at TMMC)

Mobile is growing not just in the workforce, but around the world. IBM’s A Smarter Planet blog shared this great infographic about the future of Mobile in Africa.

If you were curious how mobile tie-ins during Superbowl ads worked earlier this month, check out this podcast with Rachel Pasqua and author Rick Mathieson.

In the social world,  Mashable asked the enviable question “What to Do When Your Social Media Strategy Is Successful?” Their video interview with Amber Naslund former vice president of strategy for Radian6 gives some ideas about dealing with the impact that a social success can have across a company. Facebook continues to push forward with advertising, hinting at new ads that are “social by default.”

Lastly, here on the blog we asked that you help us out with some hot mobile topics for our expert panel – will you take a second to fill out our survey?

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This Week In Customer Experience: Anticipate & Make It Great

As we quickly gain on the next Total Customer Experience Leaders (TCEL) Summit in June, we’d like to occasionally share with you some of our favorite links of the week on customer experience, customer experience design, and overall customer-centricity.

This week, Fast Company was a gold-mine of Customer Experience articles, providing this piece “User Experience The Don Draper Way,this blog on the false dichotomy between Culture and Strategy, “4 Elements That Make A Good User Experience Into Something Great” and this feature on Co.Design on “3 Ways To Predict What Consumers Want Before They Know It.”

Our favorite take-away from the above? ‘Everyone has a customer, whether it is a purchaser, user, or co-worker’

Customer experiences happen for everyone throughout a company, and anyone can identify opportunities for “pinpointing problems customers can’t adequately solve.”

Elsewhere, this blog post by Pretium Solutions was shared in our LinkedIn group about the power of “I’m Sorry” and the emotion attached to customer experiences. Also on LinkedIn, I asked “What are your current biggest customer experience challenges?” join the group and vote on the poll here. 

What were your favorite customer experience links this week?

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Google, Turner Broadcasting and Facebook to Keynote at The Audience Measurement Event

The Audience Measurement Event is the year’s only event to bring together the most visionary thinkers, brand marketers and media powerhouses – all focusing on the business value of understanding your consumers total audience consumption.

Borrowing best practices from The Market Research Event and Shopper Insights in Action, The Audience Measurement Event shares 100% real-world, new perspectives from high level keynotes who will talk strategy and real-world practitioners sharing experience through case study examples.

Keynotes include:

  • ‘ Measuring Paid, Earned and Social: From Reach to ROI presented by Sean Bruich, Head of Market Research, Facebook
  • ‘ Engaging Your Target Audience throughout the Path to Purchase presented by Catherine Roe, Head of CPG, Google
  • ‘ TV Everywhere — the Research Challenge presented by Jack Wakshlag, Turner Broadcasting

Breakout Track Topics include focus on Measurement & Advanced Analytics, Brand Engagement & Media Integration, Consumer Trends & Future Media Landscape including perspectives from Google, Innerscope Research, Intuit, NBC Universal, National Football League, Time Warner Cable, A+E Networks, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Kraft Foods and more.

Download the conference brochure for full session descriptions.  

The Audience Measurement Event is taking place May 21-23, 2012 in Chicago, IL. If you mention priority code AM12BLOG when you register for the event, you will receive 15% off the standard rate! If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to contact Jennifer Pereira.

Last Chance to Save on The Mobile Marketing Conference

The Mobile Marketing Conference (TMMC) is only 3 weeks away!

According to CTIA’s report in October 2011, the number of U.S. smartphone users totaled 95.8 million. By now, the number should be over 100 million.

The question is no longer about whether or not you should be doing mobile marketing. All the statistics prove that “IF” is not the question, but rather “HOW” to make mobile devices a more powerful marketing tool for your organization, and an engagement and buying vehicle for your customer. That’s why you can’t miss TMMC, an event that will show you how to leverage the mobile medium to build meaningful mobile experiences and convert mobile interactions to transactions.
With case studies from leading brands like Google, JetBlue, L’Oreal, Zappos, Pandora, Groupon, Capital One, Gilt Groupe and many more, you will learn how to do mobile marketing, and do it right, from the best of the best.

Key focus areas include:
‘ Integrating mobile into the greater marketing strategy
‘ Aligning mobile strategy with brand goals
‘ Allocating resources across the mobile channel
‘ Usage patterns and mobile behavior
‘ Mobile advertising
‘ Mobile gaming
‘ Optimizing social media efforts for mobile
‘ Designing seamless user experience
‘ ROI & measurement
‘ And much more…

Also, you won’t want to miss keynotes from:
‘ Professor Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern & Founder of Red Envelope
‘ Catherine Roe, Head of CPG, Google
‘ Jason Tester, Futurist, Institute for the Future
‘ Chaired by Jeffrey Hayzlett, Celebrity CMO and Founder of The Hayzlett Group
‘ See the full speaker list by downloading the brochure.

Whether your organization is fully immersed in mobile marketing or looking to venture into this channel, you don’t want to miss The Mobile Marketing Conference. As a member of our LinkedIn group, we’d like to offer you an exclusive 15% discount. Register with code TMMC12DIGITAL here.

We hope to see you in Miami.
All the best, The Mobile Marketing Conference Event Team

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